As we all know, Unique Salonga swiftly exited IV of Spades in May to continue his solo career. He remained strong albeit stubborn about it, posting an open message on his Twitter account.

Fans were all sad about it, memes were all over the place, but the band chose to continue even as a trio—you might think, what’s IV of Spades with just three members?

But it doesn’t really matter as IV of Spades continue to grow in the indie music scene. They still get a lot of gigs, concerts and music fests weekly. The question is—where is Unique Salonga now?

Well, just a month ago, he signed and sealed a contract with Kean Cipriano—Callalily’s vox and IV of Spades’ former manager—under his O/C Records label. Aside from Unique, OC Records has Bita and the Botflies, Rice Lucido, Earl Generao, and Frizzle Anne Dimayuga.

It comes as no surprise as there were social media postings considered as teasers about the two, plus Unique’s performance on Kean’s birthday. Everyone was singing along as he performed IV of Spades’ Mundo alone.

Even though we can’t figure out what really happened, we just have to accept the fact that he’s paving his way into another path now. Will his new songs sound like that of his former band? We still don’t know. For now, we have to wait until his new single comes out, probably in a few months or so.