A statement by Adam Levine about the state of bands today has caused quite a stir on the internet.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine became one of the trending topics on Twitter Tuesday following his claim about bands being a “dying breed,” which didn’t sit very well with a lot of people.

“I feel like there aren’t any bands anymore, you know?”  the 41-year-old singer told Zane Lowe in an interview with Apple Music. “That’s the thing that makes me kind of sad, is that there were just bands. There’s no bands anymore, and I feel like they’re a dying breed. … I mean, there still are plenty of bands, and maybe they’re not in the limelight quite as much, or in the pop limelight, but I wish there could be more of those around.”

Although the former Voice coach clarified that he thinks there are still plenty of bands out there and he simply wishes there “could be more of those around,” fans were quick to express their disapproval of Levine’s comment.

“Adam, sweetie…you’re in a band,” said BuzzFeed in a tweet, before jokingly asking the singer if he knows about BTS, a.k.a. the number 1 band in the world today.

An American rock outfit named “Garbage” also shares the same sentiment, tweeting, “What are we Adam Levine? CATS?!?!?”

However, many Twitter users came to Adam’s defense, with most of them pointing out how naysayers simply misunderstood– or chose to– the statement. “Ugh, people are so quick to misunderstand a situation to demonize someone,” said a fan. “It’s clear he means radio stations focus more on a dozen of the same solo artists and doesn’t really give much light to bands aside from a 1-2 boy bands.”

Another supporter said, “Yeah people are jumping on Adam but he’s right. As far as top 100 goes. There ain’t many bands compared 10-15 years ago. Anybody remember the killers? Hello anybody?”

“A lot of what he’s saying is getting taken out of context. He’s referring to bands who sell out arenas worldwide and play their own instruments. I can’t think of any bands that do that who broke in the last 5 years,” said another.

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Is this really the end of an era for music bands? What do you think about Adam Levine’s statement? Tell us in the comments below!

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