It’s been 49 years since McCartney crossed that road, and earlier this week, he recreated the famous walk. McCartney was with his daughter Mary, who photographed and filmed the musician on the crossing. He then posted the video on his Instagram account. The musician surprised fans at the St John’s Wood location in London as he walked across the iconic crossing with his suit jacket draped over his shoulder.

The Beatles’ Abbey Road is famous for some notable singles but the 1969 album might be best-known for its packaging. The now-iconic cover photo features band members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr walking across the Abbey Road pedestrian crossing. In the years since the album debuted, that walkway has become an extremely popular tourist attraction, with fans trekking to the site to recreate the scene.

Here’s a look back into one of The Beatles’ top tracks that would include songs from the iconic album, Abbey Road.

Here Comes The Sun

George Harrison while visiting his friend who happens to be Eric Clapton, was wandering in his garden with one of Eric’s guitars. The sun came out for the first time that spring. Seeing it as a good omen, Harrison wrote “Here Comes The Sun” on the spot.

Come Together

The lead song on The Beatles’ Abbey Road album, was conceived by John Lennon as a political rallying cry for the writer, psychologist and pro-drugs activist Timothy Leary. “It was a funky record – it’s one of my favorite Beatle tracks, or, one of my favourite Lennon tracks, let’s say that. It’s funky, it’s bluesy, and I’m singing it pretty well. I like the sound of the record. You can dance to it. I’d buy it!” Says John in an interview on All We Are Saying by David Sheff.

Oh! Darling

This retro-style rocker, written by Paul McCartney, was originally attempted by The Beatles during the Get Back sessions, but was eventually released as an album track on Abbey Road. Another John Lennon quote from the All We Are Saying interview, he says “Oh! Darling was a great one of Paul’s that he didn’t sing too well. I always thought that I could’ve done it better – it was more my style than his. He wrote it, so what the hell, he’s going to sing it. If he’d had any sense, he should have let me sing it. [Laughs.]”