Bored with your repeated songs in your playlist?

For those who are currently looking for songs that can make you groove to the beat, Joji has something for you!  Japanese hitmaker Joji (aka George Miller) recently created his wide range quarantine playlist as an ‘antidote’ for this long isolation weeks. You can peek at his 11-track playlist on his Spotify!

Perhaps, you’re trying to remember how he tried to escaped from an unending Limo on his music video ‘Run‘. But since the pandemic Covid-19 still giving us the fear of going outside, Joji might have a fewer places to go. However, music is another spot to go to!

The enigmatic R&B crooner picked ‘Loving is Easy’ by Rex Country Orange, ‘Catch the Sun’ by Lil Baby and the list goes on. Who could have thought that these kind of variety of genre could be packed together?

He also have chosen some throwback bangers and of course, he didn’t miss the ‘Adore You’ by Harry Styles which has a good pop tunes to dance with. So if you want to explore more of his playlist, stream them now on Spotify!

How are you coping up in this long quarantine?

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What is your favorite song from Joji so far?

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