From their debut in 2016 to their massive collaborations with big pop icons as of late, there’s no wonder why BLACKPINK’s ever-growing global area warrants a full-feature documentary.

The much-awaited documentary of the big Kpop foursome and their skyrocket to fame premieres tomorrow BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky exclusively on Netflix. It is directed by the critically-acclaimed, Korean-American, Caroline Suh (Salt, Fat, and Heat).


Light Up The Sky promises never-before-seen footage, and a more up-close-and-personal look at the idols, revealing sides of them we’ve never seen before. It’s the first-ever Netflix documentary about Kpop artists as preceding biographical documentaries on musicians covered the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga.

Addressing the press just a few minutes ago, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose, sat onstage to promote their documentary and hype us up on moments that we absolutely should not miss on BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky.

1. Their Individual interviews

Because the girls are not really known to schedule a lot of sit-down talk shows or variety shows, they feel like they’ve only really been given a chance to fully express themselves through this documentary. 

Jennie specifically expresses her surprise when she found that she was more comfortable than she thought, expressing herself freely. She attributes this in large part to director Caroline Suh’s ability to make her more comfortable with sharing in a more friendly conversational manner.

2. Interviews of Teddy Park

The members expressed their interest in knowing what the honorary “fifth member” of Blackpink has to say about them. As the renowned YG Entertainment producer was also interviewed about working closely with the girl group for Light Up the Sky.

3. Rose’s childhood

Moments from the young ladies’ childhood home documentation also made it to the film.

Lisa mentions that her favorite part in the film which the fans should definitely look forward to is footage of Rose growing up. This can be attributed to the fact that Rose is the one who was raised in a more Western culture being raised in New Zealand.

4. The foursome teasing each other for their throwback pics 

Rose reveals that there was a scene where all 4 members were shown each other’s throwback pics from childhood, to the teenage years, to trainee years. They all took jabs at each other’s throwback pics as is natural of friends, according to Rose who mentions that specific part as her favorite.

5. Hardcore never-before-seen throwback pictures

Of course, we’ll anticipate the throwback pics themselves just as much as we look forward to their intimate throwback session reactions and friendly banter.

6. How the girls like to have fun in their dorm

Members shared that while this isn’t their first time being followed around by cameras on their daily routines, it definitely is their first time being surrounded by lenses and surveillance tech 24/7 and for such an extended period of time.

At first, they disclosed that it was very awkward but after a short period of time especially with the comfortable homey environment director Carol Suh fostered, they were able to have the most fun times being filmed on-camera.

7. The honest way that the girls support each other

According to the director, Carole Suh, who was also present via live video feed at the press conference, if there was one thing she had learned about the girls it was that their support for each other was as honest as honest could be.

She learned how much the four, albeit all headstrong and “tenacious”, heavily relied on each other for support. Seeing how the members all knew how to care for each other without having to air it out really pushed her to really set the direction of the film to bring out the most human and beautiful side of, otherwise, untouchable idols.

The full feature premiere of the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky comes out tomorrow only on Netflix!

For now, let’s kick back and jam to their first full-length album released a few days ago!


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