If you missed their music video premiere last night, watch here the music videos of the winners from 6cyclemind’s “Sige, I-Cover Mo Lang!” Project.

Giving the opportunity for new artists to break out in the music scene, Sony Music Philippines and 6cyclemind finally released the special compilation of their successful ‘Sige, I-Cover Mo Lang‘ project. With their recorded covers, the select winners have brought back the generation-defining anthems that conquered the airwaves for almost two decades. 

Sige I-Cover Mo Lang was made in an effort to show the band’s fans some much-deserved love and appreciation. In line with that, the recorded covers feature shortlisted entries from music fans that relive the selected hits from 6cyclemind’s acclaimed pop-rock catalog, rearranged and given a fresh new spin to contrast or complement the band’s distinct sound.

Bianca’s “ Biglaan ”

Released as digital singles a few months earlier, Bianca, a 16-year old singer-songwriter joined the said project, and her version of “Biglaan” has racked up 1.6 million streams on Spotify. 

In her cover, she offers a more somber and soulful rendition that caresses a brokenhearted lover. It’s like feeling one’s void that touches the painful experience of being in unrequited love.


Twenty-Nine Eleven’s “ I ”

Serving the timeless hit of 6cyclemind, ‘I’, the Filipino pop-rock outfit Twenty-Nine Eleven, showcases their emotional music video that took creative liberties in terms of arrangement and interpretation but retained the original’s melodic sensibilities as a way to preserve and recognize its timeless appeal.

Feel free to watch their melancholic music video below!


Payapa Project’s “Kasalanan”

Composed of Dan Billano (Vocals), Jepoy Almario (Percussion), Tatit Escolano (Guitars), Choi Gonzales (Bass) and Raf Gonzales (drums), this alternative rock outfit absolutely nailed their cover of 6cyclemind’s “Kasalanan”. On top of that, they are the ones who also completed the trifecta of releases from the Sige, I-cover Mo Lang! Project.

Through their vocalist’s powerful voice, they eventually are given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to render their own version of the chart-topping track of 6cyclemind.


This music video format was helmed by the band’s manager and sixth member, Darwin Hernandez. The final versions of the cover tunes were recorded at Backdoor Recording Studio and were produced by 6cyclemind and Soupstar Music.

Plus, this special compilation is already slating multiple streaming platforms including Spotify. So, stream their renditions now, and let’s continue to support OPM.

What do you think about 6cyclemind’s successful project ‘Sige, I-Cover Mo Lang’?

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