Listen, if you’re reading this because you’re tired, let me politely tell you to leave if you’re not as tired as Tatay Digong.

I understand if you’re mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the drama that’s happened this year, but guess what, we all are! We’re all fed up to a certain degree, but none of us gets to compare to the president when it comes to tiredness. So grow a pair, big guy. We’ll just craft another playlist for you next time, but this one is for tatay only.

It is tough leading a nation, but it sure is ten times tougher doing your job when there’s a global pandemic. That’s why you gotta make it a point to relax every now and then. Chill out. Listen to music. Here, we’ve got you a fresh list of OPM songs that will definitely help you calm down when UP students are rallying and the Vice President– who is also not invited here, like she’s not invited in the Palace– is suggesting COVID-19 solutions again.

This Too Shall Pass- Rico Blanco


This COVID-19 pandemic crisis is one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever had to face. But as OPM icon Rico Blanco puts it, this too shall pass– once the vaccine arrives.

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A Song For Robin- Jeanette Vacalares


Whenever you feel bummed out, it helps to soothe your soul with songs that remind you of your friends and family, like your newly-appointed Philippine Army Communication Panel Chief.

Huwag Kang Matakot- Massacre Party


This revival of an Eraserheads classic can be your go-to track during your loneliest times. The line, “Huwag kang matakot na matulog mag-isa, kasama mo naman ako,” is the perfect reminder that Bong Go is always there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Dreams- Reon


Are your thoughts unsettlingly dark nowadays? Let this indie masterpiece talk you out of your downward spiral that is probably caused by the incessantly whining Twitter wokes. (I’m still not talking to you, ordinary Filipino citizen who is reading this. Please stay away from this playlist because you’re obviously not too tired to deserve one.)

My Sweet Hometown– Reese Lansangan


When you find yourself extremely longing for Davao, Reese Lansangan offers a temporary bandaid for your aching heart.

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To whom do you want us to dedicate a playlist next time? 

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