Queen CL releases an appetizer track for hungry fans, and now we can’t wait for the entire album!

In a bid to surprise fans earlier this morning, 2NE1’s forever leader-nim, Chaelin CL, posted an Instagram story teasing everyone to stay tuned for the live-streamed release of her new track Post Up, an hour before she was set to go on live.


The globally renowned artist went on live on the platform to personally announce the drop of her track Post Up on all streaming platforms at exactly 1 pm KST. CL shyly apologized for the technical difficulties since she wasn’t able to watch the video premiere with the fans although she really did prepare hard for it.

Our queen CL also shared that this is but the start to a full-fledged album coming out soon, asking us to wait patiently for the tracks she worked hard for.

Post Up

As of writing, there have been no official English translations yet for the lyrics but a lot of Blackjacks on twitter have been informally translating some parts of the song. The fans suspect that CL’s mostly-Korean rapping in the song is all about telling people that the baddest Asian is back, basically setting the stage for a much larger release.


Just a few minutes after Post Up took to Youtube, the fans went wild on Twitter immediately shooting up the hashtag #PostUp_CL to Number 1. The video also garnered views of about 100k in just 10 minutes of release.

This is probably because the fans have been starved of an official MV from the queen. The last solo MV CL released dates to over 4 years ago with the song Lifted. Although the fans did get to peek of the artist at work in the MV of her collab track with Black Eyed Peas, Dopeness, released October of 2019.

Ode to 2NE1

A lot of things have transpired over the years for 2NE1, from solidifying their spot as a legendary Kpop girl group to their heartbreaking disbandment in 2016. CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy have all parted ways into their solo engagements.

With the foursome now performing under different labels, fans are left to search for interactions between the members yearning for 2NE1 to hopefully take the stage together as well.

In this comeback, CL lets everyone know that they’re not alone in their yearning and that although there is no assurance of a comeback for 2NE1, the group still remains in her heart. You’ll find the line “2NE1 my past, my forever blessing” among the fire rap lines, which had fans shedding tears of nostalgia and longing.

Even if they don’t come back as 2NE1, we just want to let the world know that we’ll be supporting them individually just like we did when they were together! For now though, all hail to this queen!!! Stream Post Up on all digital platforms now and be on the lookout for more on her official social media accounts.

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