The single is also just a taste of the undoubtedly wonderful album she’s set to release!

It’s 2020–a solid 17 years since JoJo, then 12 years old, was officially signed under a record label and we’re all quite shocked and also real proud of how much she’s grown since then! Now I understand what it truly feels like to be a tita.


Having been quite inactive the past few years, the pop princess finally emerged as an entirely new woman, shedding some weight and putting on more smiles; we’re seeing a wonderful new side to our childhood idol!

She confirms the newfound confidence evident in this new single which she describes to Billboard as “another level of confidence that I am feeling at this point in my life.” 

image courtesy of Doug Krantz via Billboard

JoJo goes on to extract the meaning of the title, “”It’s like when you’re in a situation-ship and you’re realizing, ‘Yo, I have everything that you could want, so what do you need?” The take-it-or-leave-it message of the entire song just exudes confidence that all of us hope to achieve in our lifetimes. “You know, I’m too fly for this, pretty much. So tell me what you need, otherwise I gotta go.”

For about 90% of the music video, we see JoJo dancing which is something quite brand new as well given that almost all of the singer’s previous MVs were mostly reenacted and quite dramatic. JoJo explains this is very much her choice by saying, “Basically I just wanted to dance for this video…I just wanted to dance throughout the whole thing, I’ve never really done that before,”

As of writing, the author has contributed to about a thousand of the viewership counts on the youtube video-unapologetically so. This insanely catchy and hip-shaking tune is something that you definitely want to be a part of your life so stream “What U Need” by JoJo now on all digital platforms.


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