Let’s see how amazing the first year of Music Dive is! Here are the 19 Best Music Dive Moments of 2019 to cap off such a wonderful year. See you all in 2020!

What a great first year for the Music Dive channel! It’s a great honor promoting our local artists and sharing their music with you. We had a lot of amazing journeys in the 12 eventful months of 2019. But we decided to pick the 19 Best Music Dive Moments to reflect on a great year before we welcome a new one!

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19. She’s Only Sixteen x Lions & Acrobats – Music Experience: Red Ninja 10th Year Anniversary

Who would have thought that two wild bands who can rock our worlds can work together on a big stage right? It was definitely a headliner set that I’m glad I witnessed live! Such fire and incredible music, I really hope a She’s Only Sixteen and Lions & Acrobats collab will be on playlist soon.

Watch my Music Experience at the Red Ninja 10th Year Anniversary HERE:

18. MTNKLYA plays “Guess the song with a twist!” – Music Dive

Do you guys have any idea how hard it is not to laugh when you’re at the back of the camera and its rolling? Well, my stomach ached and I couldn’t breathe as MNTKLYA plays “Guess the song with a twist!” for Music Dive! Too hilarious and definitely a good time. If you haven’t seen it yet, better check it out down below!

17. SONIK Philippines – Music Experience

Need I say more? This is the first-ever international music conference and festival in the Philippines. Not only did I volunteer for the event, but U Do U and Music Dive had the chance to be a part of a momentous occasion as SONIK creates history. I learned a lot at the conference—things that I needed to hear to direct me on the right path as I support our local artists. And of course, the festival was such a great time as I enjoy music from our very own and such amazing bands from Taiwan!

Check out our 2-day Music Experience highlights right HERE:

16. Bita and The Botflies plays “Never Have I Ever” – Music Dive

I think it’s pretty obvious why this is on the list! Out of all the many games I decided to do on our Music Dive segment, this is actually the first time I had the artists do a drinking game. And Bita and The Botflies shocked me with their high tolerance for alcohol! Watching them play “Never Have I Ever” taking shot after shot with ease and without chaser was too much for me lol!

Definitely fun, but I hope their livers are okay hahaha.

15. Jello Reyes – Music Dive

Definitely one of the best Music Dive moments. Jello Reyes was my pick as our very first guest on our Music Dive segment. The trust and support that this one has been giving to me and our channel is beyond me (thank you Jello!). That’s why I can’t wait to give him a bigger and better Music Dive episode next year. 😉

14. Ysanygo plays Chubby Bunny with a twist! – Music Dive

I love love this very adorable sibling duo! Not only would you fall in love with Ysanygo‘s captivating musical talents, but they’d really get you with their fun personalities. That’s why you should check out our hilarious game with them as Ysa and Ygo play the classic game chubby bunny while singing!

Watch our interview and game with them right HERE:

13. SB19 Dance Craze Challenge – Micdrop

Such a fun-filled Micdrop vlog episode with SB19! Truth be told, I wasn’t really a fan until my day 1 shoot with them. The boys are very respectful, down to earth, and outright talented. And they were able to put their own style on these all-time dance crazes we know right on the spot! Such a fun episode to do and truly a great video to edit, showcasing the talents of our editors!

12. Wala Na Ang Init by PusaKalye x This Band – Music Experience: TKL (Teka Lang) Single Launch of Miss Ramonne

I’m a fan of This Band, and PusaKalye is very close to my heart. Their collaboration release single ‘Wala Na Ang Init‘ was automatically on my playlist. But hearing it live was definitely a different kind of experience. I was lucky enough to witness it as the two bands performed it at Miss Ramonne’s TKL (Teka Lang) Single Launch. Such a beautiful performance that I’m so glad my mind still worked at that time of the night and asked my team to capture the entire performance! Check it out now!

11. Fox: Son of the Beach & Foxlife: Summerscape – Music Experience

The Official Labor Weekend Party… Need I say more? Not only did I have the best time at La Union with such amazing artists, but I really learned a lot together with my team! From pre-event preparations to handling and taking care of the artists, and different kinds of fun content with the bands. Fox: Son of the Beach and Foxlife: Summerscape is really a back-to-back event I could never forget!

Great audience, mesmerizing local music, and the beach just beside you. I couldn’t ask for more!

10. Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs

Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs has become a platform for artists wanting to share their music. And with Martin Riggs’ goal to normalize busking, The Busking Community PH is growing even more. But of course, what I loved about our Music Experience with Street Gigs Ni Martin Riggs is seeing his platform for local artists become more than just that.

It is now also a platform for those who want to convey social and political issues. Individuals did some spoken word poetry to raise mental health awareness and what struck out the most were the Anakbayan activists who were there to express the state of our country under our government. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Martin Riggs in 2020!

9. Arthur Nery reacts to fan tweets – Music Dive

Arthur Nery’s Music Dive episodes were all truly amazing. Not just what you guys see in the final videos, but during the shoot itself. If you’re a fan of Arthur Nery, then you know how hilarious this guy is! That’s why I really enjoyed making him react to the tweets of his fans, check it out down below:

8. Interview with Frizzle Anne – Music Dive

Just like with Arthur Nery’s Music Dive episodes, Frizzle Anne’s were also truly remarkable. But if I had to choose one, that would be my interview with her! Talking to Frizzle Anne is very heartwarming, her personality is very carefree and bubbly. And you just can’t help falling in love with her talents and personality at the same time! Learn more about this promising individual right HERE:

7. Interview with Kean Cipriano – Music Experience: Fête De La Musique O/C Records Stage

I’ve been a fan of Kean Cipriano ever since I was young. Even more so now with his O/C Records label and seeing how much he’s putting into making sure his artists get what they deserve. Martin Riggs once told me that Kean Cipriano is a visionary. And being able to chat with him during the Fête De La Musique O/C Records Stage, I really saw the visionary in him in just a few minutes. I learned a lot during my small talk with him and I just can’t wait what else he’s going to be bringing to the table with his Odd Creatures. Don’t miss out, check out my interview with him down below!

6. Munimuni Performances – Music Dive

Every time I hear Munimuni perform live, they never fail into making me feel so many things with their music. And while I enjoyed my interview with them because I honestly learned a lot, and even though I had a good laugh at their charades game, it’s still their song performances that etched in my heart.

Even though it was an acoustic setup, this did not hinder Munimuni to still give out a hundred and one percent of their beautiful music.

Music that can speak and touch you on so many levels. That’s Munimuni’s music is and it never fails to amaze me each and every time.

5. FourPlay plays “What’s in the box?” – Music Dive

Gotta be the Music Dive game with the most effort! But definitely worth it because of the reaction of the members of FourPlay. Imagine these rockstars screaming and cringing as they touch some worms and mice, right? This Music Dive game episode is still one of the best! And not to mention, FourPlay really has a special place in my heart.

4. Interview with Careless – Music Experience: SONIK Philippines

It was my first time watching them on stage, and boy, they are really carefree and careless. You can’t help but be carried away with their beats and their lyrics. This happened back in October and believe me when I tell you, I’m still LSS over most of their songs! That’s why it’s really an honor to talk to the artists of Careless, who are now the first batch of signed artists under the now independent record label!

3. Interview with Mayonnaise – Music Dive

There are a lot of classic OPM bands in my heart. I grew up loving OPM bands and their music, but I gotta admit, Mayonnaise has a special room that heart. That’s why being able to have them over for Music Dive was such a goal achievement not only for me but for our segment and the entire team as well.

Our interview with Sir Monty and the rest of the band was very fruitful. That’s why this was really a special Music Dive episode. Different setup and two-part interview! Because duh, nothing less when it comes to Mayonnaise, right?

More than a decade in the scene and their music etched in our hearts. An influence, an inspiration. Mayonnaise really is something else and they are not going anywhere.

2. SB19 Dance Vlog – Micdrop

The SB19 Dance Vlog for Micdrop was my second-day shoot with the boys of SB19. And this was something really new for me! I’m telling you an embarrassing secret with this one though! The moment I stepped into their dance studio, I seriously had an anxiety attack because I just can’t imagine dancing with them. I mean come on guys, these boys are overly talented and they had to teach me the steps to their hit song ‘Go Up‘ in a limited time and I was so scared!

But they were all really kind and patient and helped me through every dance move. You just gotta love them! Not to mention how fun and comfortable the interview we had. No wonder this made it to my Top 2 of 19 Best Music Dive Moments!

1. The Vision behind the Music Dive Channel – Music Experience: Feather’s Birthday Gig

We launched the Music Dive segment and Music Experience under U Do U at the beginning of this year 2019. But when we saw how everything was turning out great due to all of the support of our local artists and listeners, we decided to relaunch it under its own platform.

During my birthday gig, I had over my artist friends to perform on my special night and we did this Music Experience episode to show you guys our vision and our goals on why we started out these segments.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of the support you have given us. Right from day one and now on the Music Dive channel with more than 3,000 subscribers already! Unbelievable! And it’s all because of YOU. I can’t wait to see you all in 2020 and provide you with bigger and better content. Here’s to supporting our local artists, have a Happy New Year!

How about you? Do you have any pick on best Music Dive moments? Comment down below and share it with us! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Music Dive channel. Happy New Year, guys!