In celebration of Callalily’s 14 years of good music, let’s take a trip down memory lane!

14 glorious years. Is that really how long it’s been? It feels like it was just yesterday when we started loving this band! Growing up with Callalily’s music has made us certified rockers for sure.

Personally, I can remember a time when I would go to school, bringing my guitar knowing how to play nothing but ‘Magbalik’! That song is literally the reason some of us learned to play. And we’re sure it  inspired many artists and singers along with other Callalily songs!

Callalily at 14

Callalily is practically our childhood or teenage years, and they have been there with us, giving us good music for about half our lives. We sang along to ‘Magbalik’, cried our eyes out with ‘HKM’, experienced our first heartbreak with ‘Pansamantala’, and learned to fight for love with ‘Susundan’! I think that what holds Callalily so close to our hearts is the fact that their music has been with us through almost everything we experienced in life. And with every experience is an anthem of theirs that we lived through.

Formed in 2005, Callalily has graced us with 5 amazing albums that served as the soundtrack of our lives. And today, the band’s frontman and vocalist, Kean Cipriano, has fulfilled most of his visions. He now owns a record label and is working on solo side projects of his own, in addition to mentoring upcoming artists with great talent and potential!  Just recently, he released a solo single called ‘Eye Contact’.

Anniversary gig

To mark the celebration of their 14th year, Callalily held an anniversary gig a few days ago. Something about the intimate setup where the fans are in the same room as the band makes it so warm. There was no absolute set list, and the whole thing just felt like a casual jam.

Callalily performed ‘Magbalik’ and even joked that they have been singing it for 14 years! We knew it was meant to be funny, but it seriously tugged at the heartstrings for some fans. It actually opened the door for realizing that we also have been singing the song for 14 years!

To me, it brings back memories of high school, where classmates would just gather round the room and one would just play guitar. Everyone would sing it, because we knew every word to it. Same goes with every one of their songs! And wherever there was a karaoke, you would hear a Callalily song for sure.

The fans made sure Callalily felt all the love, too!

In a similar way, Kean shared the same warm feeling in an Instagram post.

Nonetheless, the gig was a success, though very intimate. And it’s just amazing to think that a band can be such a big part of our lives through the music they create. Lucky for us, we can stream their songs on Spotify, and we can relive those glory days over and over!

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