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If you’re someone who has attended at least a few music festivals, there is a huge chance you have heard some songs being played every time to get the crowd

Cover for Steamy OPM Tunes Article

Rainy days are just around the corner and you thought to yourself that you wanted to kick up the heat a notch. You texted a girl with a wink emoji on

Listening to headphones with relaxing music while studying

Music does indeed help in concentration during studying thanks to proven statistics and science. Here’s also a playlist suited for memorizing or writing that thesis down. Smartphones and music streaming services

The Strokes wearing Chuck Taylors

From basketball shoes to a fashion statement, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars never seem to go out of style. No one is immune to the comfortability and durability of

Courtney Bandeko as Vanessa in Marie Jamora's short film 'Flip The Record'

Since its limited release in April, Marie Jamora and her crew have been jumping from state to state, country to country for their short film "Flip The Record." Many draw

Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino

Music has a wide-array of use in films. May it be creating drama or tension in a scene, setting a mood or enhancing or adding up to the emotion and