No one can really describe the feeling of being cheated on but to summarize it—it hurts like hell.

With that being said, our topic of discussion for today is the never ending question, “Would you take back someone who cheated on you?” So we’ve asked a few people regarding this matter.

Disclaimer: We’ve changed the names and ages of the respondents to protect their privacy.

Once a cheater, always cheater


1.) No. It’s really simple because once you accept him/her again, there will be trust issues. And you’ll just wonder if your partner would just do it again. Dianne, 23

2.) In the first place, why would you cheat on someone you love? If he or she did it, it automatically means that your partner didn’t really love you at all. Olivia, 30

3.) Think about this. If I would take back someone who cheated on me, it’s like going through all the pain again. I would always question my self-worth. So it’s definitely a big no! Ryan, 27

4.) If they did it once, there’s a big possibility they would do it again to you. And if you take them back, it’s like you’re allowing them to step on your dignity as a person over and over again. They would always think it’s okay. ‘Wag kang magpakatanga! (Don’t be stupid!) Ashley, 29

5.) No. Because it means he or she broke the promise that you two had together. And trust is like a broken vase, you can glue it back together, but it’ll never be the same again. Red, 22

6.) If my partner cheated on me, it means there was something missing from the relationship and that he looked for it outside. Why would I take someone back who can’t be contented with our relationship? Rose, 20

I’m a fool for love


1.) It really depends on how grave the cheating act is. If they did it intentionally or not. Or how many times they did it. Or if they feel regret and change their ways. Gen, 22

2.) Well, yes, because I choose to believe in the good of a person. Call me a fool but that’s the thing about love. It hurts us in the most unlikely way but hey, we’re still here, ready to try again. Stephanie, 25

3.) Yes, if it’s a one time thing, though. Because we all make mistakes and I know for a fact, that I’m also not a perfect person. Everyone deserves a second chance but if my partner chooses to do it again then she can kiss my ass good bye. Max, 24

4.) I would but it takes time to rebuild trust. If my partner proves to me that he wouldn’t do it again I will gladly take him back. Yes, cheating is a red flag for any relationship but if we’re both willing to give our relationship another try, then why not? Shane, 29

The right kind of love


At the end of the day, these opinions are just opinions. It’s up to you make the call of believing in someone again because for all we know, people can change.

But then again, you can completely disregard the chances of getting back together. We’re not judging. Spare yourself the pain, please. If you’re someone who’s marupok like us, let this article be your wake up call that you deserve someone who won’t hurt you.

To end this on a good note, despite all the pain, don’t turn back on the idea of love. Because, if not right now, there will be someone who will love you and accept you for everything you are. We fall down sometimes, but like the sun, we will rise again–no matter what.

We all deserve love. The one that makes us cry in a good way. Not because of heartbreaks. xoxo

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