We know you know that when it comes to events, we like it pumped up and high-energy. Thanks to summer festivals such as Chroma and HydroLaboracay, I think we’re now well equipped and physically trained to dance for longer hours at future festivals.

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However, that doesn’t mean we like chill events any less. To date, I have to count BetaNightPH and BacardiHousePartyPH as 2 of my favorites under that category. And, since the festival season has officially gone and the rain is back in the Philippines, I’m more than happy for the change of pace in the events scene because now I can attend more stripped down club events and laidback gig nights.

That being said, I have to mention one event that you (and I’m looking at all of you beautiful ladies) might want to spend your Wednesday nights at.

Wicked Wednesdays!


Draft Ortigas is opening their doors to all you ladies (and gents) for Wicked Wednesdays – a.k.a. ladies’ night – where free flowing drinks (beer) will be served to all chikas from 10PM to 12AM. On this night, draft invites guest DJ’s to play music to turn your ordinary hump day into a part-ay!

So, if you’re down for some fun easy fun Wednesday, come by the Ayala the 30th in Pasig! Check it:

#WickedWednesdays at Draft Gastro Pub is brought to you by Bacardi and Hoegaarden!

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