Since its limited release in April, Marie Jamora and her crew have been jumping from state to state, country to country for their short film “Flip The Record.” Many draw comparisons to the Netflix original “The Get Down” but we’re here to tell you that “Flip The Record” is in a league of its own.

Unearthing Concealed Instigators

Set in 1980s San Francisco, “Flip The Record” revolves around the evergreen hip hop culture that exploded out of the Filipino-American community. As Vanessa watches her older brother dive into the DJ world, she begins to resent the piano lessons her conservative parents burdened upon her. Vanessa’s passion for the music motivates her to learn the technique of scratching, all while attempting to keep it on the down low.

FLIP THE RECORD Teaser Trailer from Marie Jamora on Vimeo.

The young Fil-Ams of the era serves as the main inspiration of the film. Their technique development in turntablism and b-boying hugely contributed to the ushering of hip hop in the NorCal area. Producer Jason McLagan and Jamora created the character of Vanessa based on the strong female figures they met during their research process. McLagan proudly calls the entire community “the hidden figures of hip hop.”

Breaking Stigmas

Many Filipinos can relate to the struggle Vanessa goes through. Conservative Filipino families usually prefer their children, to follow the career paths of doctors, lawyers, or CEOs; a path in the arts rarely generates enough income. Forced to abandon their passion, many of these cases turn into secret projects then/or big family arguments.

The film’s storyline tackles a gender angle with Vanessa and her brother. While he follows his dream of becoming a DJ, she remains constrained with piano lessons. “Flip The Record” breaks the traditional viewpoint of what being “ladylike” truly is. Womanhood doesn’t only come from working as nurse practitioners or caregivers; being a DJ is badass and doesn’t strip a person of their womanhood.

It’s not easy to blame the previous generations considering the fact that they grew up under different circumstances. Our generation, on the other hand, strongly believe in the power of the arts and following one’s passion for it. We’re not saying it’s easy—hell, the arts is a passion that demands time, energy, and creativity from everyone who makes the wholehearted decision to pursue it.

The cast includes Courtney Bandeko, Michael Rosete, Derek Basco, Olga Natividad, Jon Viktor Corpuz, JD Charisma, Sammay Dizon. We’re crossing our fingers for a local showing of “Flip The Record.” Direk, please make this happen! The Philippines needs it right now.