As we all know, Chito Miranda loves his wife Neri so much. He always expresses it through beautiful words, to which we say: sana all.

Again, Chito Miranda was trending on Twitter last night. It was all because of an Instagram post wherein he showed off his wife Neri.

Look at his Instagram post below.

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Along with the photo though, Chito stated that the post was mainly about him. More importantly, it’s about the things that he do for his wife.

This post is about me 😂, at kung bakit nya ako minahal hahaha!

Di ako gwapo pero patay na patay sya sa akin.😁 Well, to be fair…patay na patay din naman ako sa kanya, so quits lang hahaha!

Wag nyong iisipin na palibhasa sikat ako kaya nya ko sinagot…eh ang daming di hamak na mas sikat sa akin na nanligaw sa kanya, ako pa rin ang pinili nya.

Wag nyo rin sasabihin na siguro dahil mayaman ako kaya nya ko pinili, kasi hindi naman talaga ako mayaman (mas mayaman pa nga sya sa akin ngayon eh!🤘🏻😂) May mga nanligaw at naging boyfriend sya na sooobrang yaman at madaming sasakyan…pero pinili nya ako kahit lumang Jazz lang ang sasakyan ko.

I don’t think naman na minahal nya lang ako just because of my abs and perfectly toned body 😂 di naman sya ganun ka-shallow.


Moreover, as his post continued, he gave tips to people based on his relationship with his wife.

Make sure that she knows na ayaw mo na “friends” lang, but always treat her like a friend. Yung totoong friend ha? Dapat para ka nyang daddy, kuya, at bestfriend. Always treat her like a princess, pero dapat kaya mo rin syang kutusan paminsan-minsan!

Ugh, he’s really super sweet! Moreover, we can observe that he loves very maturely. It is true that you must look at your significant other as a real friend that you care for, and not just someone that you are in a relationship with.

If you want to read more things about how he treats Neri. Read his full post here.

Honestly, this is us right now.

Love languages

However, we must also understand that not all people are expressive when they love. And that is perfectly okay too. After all, we don’t want an exact copy of Chito Miranda right?

When we say “we all deserve a Chito Miranda in our lives”, we mean this:

— We deserve someone who can love us maturely – someone who can understand that we live our own lives but are still supportive of the things we do.

— We deserve someone who won’t be ashamed of us. People have different personalities, and your significant other must love you for who you really are. But at the same time,

— We deserve someone who will help us become better people.

So with all that being said, we hope you find someone like that eventually. But if time isn’t right for you yet, learn to apply those in loving yourself too.

Did the stuff we say make any sense? What do you think of Chito Miranda and the way he treats Neri? Share us what you think by commenting down below! Or simply hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter accounts.