The day that’s all about love is around the corner. But here’s a friendly reminder of why Valentine’s Day should be everyday!

It’s known to all that most lovers out there are going quite extra for Valentine’s Day. Flowers and chocolates become expensive as individuals who are in a relationship buy some for their bae. Some prefer to be unique and creative and plan out their Valentine’s Day gimmicks. Throughout the years, Valentine’s Day has served a lot of romantic purposes. Some use it to express their love for their other half. Married couples use it to make sure their marriage is still igniting. Others use it in a grand way such as to propose, while a lot uses it to confess their feelings.

Valentine’s Day truly means hearts all over the month of February. However, I can’t help but notice (and I know you did too), that others treat it as something mandatory. Some feel so obligated to give something out to their partner or find a way to make them feel special and end up doing it half-heartedly. Others feel the need to make sure they spend a lot even if it’s not right for their budget. And the most saddening part is how a lot of individuals only show their love and make their significant other feel special during Valentine’s Day when it’s supposed to be everyday.

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With that, here’s my take on why Valentine’s Day should be everyday! I hope it can shed some light to you all.

What is Valentine’s Day?

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The 14th of February is celebrated by lovers out there. It’s the time to express their love for one another in a grand way. Traditionally, there would be exchanges of love letters, flowers, chocolates, stuffed toys, etc. Over time, this routine has been getting more and more creative. It’s always a wonderful time for lovers out there or single people who wait for someone to give them something nice and special.

The Valentine’s Day tradition is all in the name of St. Valentine. There are a lot of stories circulating the saint which all just lead to the idea of how February became a month of love and romance. Up until now, Valentine’s Day is a season that those who are in love or willing to entertain suitors are excited about.

Why Valentine’s Day should be everyday

I don’t think we could set aside that Valentine’s Day really has been a tradition to celebrate love. And I get that. If you don’t like celebrating it and you have a partner who doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, lucky for you. But one thing every in love people out there should keep in mind is that doing something special and expressing your feelings shouldn’t be merely done because of a so-called “tradition”.

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Valentine’s Day should be everyday because…

-Showing love shouldn’t be contained in an imposed celebration
-Doing it out of the mindset that it’s mandatory lessens its value
-Loving someone means expressing it every day in different ways, no matter how simple it is
-Grand gestures are great but it’s the thought that always matters
-Give them flowers, balloons or whatsoever on a normal day simply because it reminded you of them
-Valentine’s Day (for some) has turned into a competition on who has the best gift and best dates. Guys, stop. Don’t mind others, just you and your relationship!
-Valentine’s Day is all about capitalism anyways… Celebrate love when the products are not on surge!
-Finally, ask yourself: are you sure you’re treating your partner in a special way every day and not just every February 14?

These are just my takes about Valentine’s Day. It’s all up to you guys how you celebrate the day of love. Despite what I’ve said, I do spend Valentine’s Day as long as I know in my heart that my partner treats me special on a normal basis as well.

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Because that’s what everyone deserves. Shower them with love as if it’s Valentine’s Day all day, every day!

And that’s why Valentine’s Day should be everyday! How about you? Thoughts? Comments? Opinions? Leave it down the comment section below! You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.