Sometimes we just choose the wrong person, and that’s okay. But choosing to stay because you see their potential can never be enough.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably with someone who you see a lot of potential in. You see “the good in him” that no one else ever seems to. You see “the person he could be” that he just hasn’t realized yet. So let me just stop you right there, because “seeing potential” in someone is never going to be enough. And here’s why:

Actions speak louder than words

As cliche as that is, it’s true. Words without actions are simply deception. Yes, now let that marinate in your mind—he is deceiving you. Leading you on with words you want to hear. But he’s never going to make good on those. He’s just stringing you along so you’ll stay. And maybe deep down you know that. You know in your heart that he’s not trying to change. That he’s not trying to fulfil those promises. And you do that for you, because:

It’s a veil you use to shield yourself from the truth

Because you don’t want to admit that you made a mistake. That you chose the wrong person to believe in. And simply because you don’t want to accept the truth—because it hurts. So you would rather believe in him and “see his potential.” You would rather blatantly lie to yourself that this person, who continuously lets you down at every opportunity, is the one for you.

He is not the one for you

I want you to imagine having someone that actually loves you, in all the ways that you need to be loved. And I want you to believe it because it’s true. Because if you had that much love and that much patience to give to someone who didn’t deserve it, imagine giving it to someone who does. And when it’s the right person who receives that kind of love. They’ll know to reciprocate it back.

It’s okay to admit that you’ve chosen the wrong person to love. Because there are a lot of people out there who think that lying is the only to get what they want. But choosing to stay because you’re seeing potential in them, will never be enough. Especially if they’ve done nothing but let you down.

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