Music does indeed help in concentration during studying thanks to proven statistics and science. Here’s also a playlist suited for memorizing or writing that thesis down.

Smartphones and music streaming services paved the way for easy access to your favorite artists at any time of the day. Studying has also become easier thanks to music blocking out any other external elements that may distract you.

Music and The Brain

Countless studies have been done to see the effects of both playing and listening to music. One thing is consistent throughout the studies. Music does activate both hemispheres of the brain, leading to improvements in memorizing and other learning capabilities.

Music activates both the left and right brain at the same time, and the activation of both hemispheres can maximize learning and improve memory – Dr. Masha Godkin from the North Central University

Studying while your brain is stimulated seems to be better than studying while it’s on passive mode. Of course, there are still many factors that may affect such cases. For instance, someone might concentrate better with a silent environment or while listening to relaxing music. Others prefer softer genres of music such as ambient sounds or classical to listen to while listening.

Playing Instruments and Learning

For some, the issue of studying can be rooted down to how they actually learn. Schools tend to pressure students into learning the same way. One school in Bradford has experimented with adding music to the mix, specifically six hours a week of instruments.

Not only did the students improve their way of learning, they also gained more confidence. That’s an overall improvement. Students get to learn a new instrument and also exceed in their subjects as well.

Music Playlists for Studying

Here are some relaxing playlists that anyone can listen to while studying:

  1. Deep Focus
  • 2.1 Million Followers
  • 139 Songs
  • 10 Hours and 19 Minutes
  1. Mellow Beats
  • 600 Thousand Followers
  • 72 songs
  • 4 Hours 22 Minutes
  1. Brain Food
  • 1.7 Million Followers
  • 54 Songs
  • 3 Hours 19 Minutes
  1. Pure Mellow Jazz
  • 140 Thousand Followers
  • 21 Songs
  • 2 Hours 8 Minutes
  1. Gold Instrumental Beats
  • 45 Songs
  • 2 Hours 43 Minutes

What’s your favorite playlist for studying? Let us know!

Featured image by Troy G Larson