Traveling alone is a good way to rediscover yourself because you’re the one deciding your to-dos for the day. You’re basically going to places with your free will, something we all should practice once in a while. You can save yourself from your talk-shit friends who cancel on the last minute.

The Perks

You can go wherever you want

There’s a higher chance that you can explore more places that you want if you’re traveling alone. You don’t have to worry about your friends bugging you to go home after one place just because they have a curfew. You’ll enjoy the spontaneity of the moment. 

Freedom to act

You can do anything you want—dance, sing, party without worrying about your friends taking an embarrassing video of you to share on social media. You’re free to be whoever you want because no one knows you anyway. There may be one or two connections at that place, but that doesn’t matter much. Believe me.

Boost in confidence

When you’re alone, you get this extra level of confidence that you don’t usually have when you’re around your friends, especially when you’re a natural introvert. It’s like you suddenly have all this energy that makes you want to talk to new people. If you’re used to hanging out with the same group of introverts, and then you suddenly hitchhike with crazy, loud people, I swear you’ll be able to unleash this new version of confidence in you.

Meet new people

You’re likely to meet new people when you’re traveling solo because those in pairs or groups are going to approach you, whether you like it or not. They’ll start a small talk, and it’s up to you if you’d want to go with them. It’s just easier to talk to people, even if it’s as simple as something like “is anyone sitting here?”. You never know—maybe you’ll find cool people on the road.

Where to go

Out of town

Remember that top place in your bucketlist? Book a flight or reserve your bus ticket, and just effing go there. While you’re at it, you can also search for upcoming events in that town so you can prep your outfits.

But if you’re in for a quick adventure, I suggest Tagaytay City. It may be overrated, but it’s my go-to place when I want to unwind. Don’t forget to stop by Papa Doms or Bldg 3 near Tag’s famed Sky Ranch. They hold parties there every now and then, and it gets pretty cray-cray every Friday and Saturday.


The coolest cafes have weekly events that you can go to, whether it’s an art workshop or an acoustic night with local indie bands. You can discover new hobbies and music, as well as people who share the same passion. Trust me, there are bands that were formed through a random cafe encounter. 

Personally, I like going to Saguijo Cafe + Bar because, well, it’s two in one. It has a lot of indie bands coming in, and the people there are so nice you probably won’t leave without a new set of friends. 


Bars are a great place to up your game as they will pull you out of your comfort zone. Just check it out even if you’re not a party-goer, they always have an event going on.

For lone travelers, try Alamat Bar in Poblacion Makati, it’s a cool place to go if you want to try out different craft beers. This rather chill bar holds acoustic nights every now and then. And have I mentioned that their cocktails use lambanog as a base?

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