Becoming a DJ/Producer is almost every electronic dance music lovers’ dream come true. It is one of the most sought-after “careers” there is. I mean who wouldn’t want to party almost every night of the week while you get paid, right? It’s heaven on earth. Especially if you’ve always had a knack for such a scene.

I guess what I’m trying to say in a nutshell, is that a life of someone who tours is inexplicably blissful: you get to travel from one place to another, with exclusive access and passes to the most exotic spots while you get paid with good money doing what you love. This coupled with a truckload of people lining up to watch and see you perform as you get showered with all the alcohol, sex and drugs you would ever want or need. Perfect right?

Ding, ding, ding, ding, eeerrrrrrrr Not quite all that!

Here’s the big BUT to this whole process, well for me not more of a but,  more of as some would say just the tip of the iceberg. And to know and understand  this lifestyle let us first take a look at  the daily grind behind those Instagrammable perfect moments.

Tours are great, they let you see new places and meet new people, that is a big Yes but, it also takes a whole lot of your time especially when you’re on the road. This usually sets you up a bit for social isolation with missed family gatherings and moments with friends back home. Now try coupling that with irregular sleep patterns due to the late-night schedules and time zone changes for long weeks, even months or years at a time. That, plus the endemic culture of hard drinking at every turn with the undeniable drug-taking. The haphazards of this so-called “job”.

All these are but a mere shadow of the totality of one’s life inside this world. Imagine the pressure on their mental, and physical health. It is quite an alarming reality.

So, how do they overcome this? My guess is as good as yours. When party-ing becomes your whole life, how do you keep balance?

Thankfully, we get to chat with some of the Artists’ on the inside and here’s what they have for us:

 “This industry maybe the ultimate giver of “fun” type, but certainly if you don’t handle yourself well, its gonna eat you up. Then again, I just tend to look more on the brighter side more than everything else. I think, it’ll be wiser as a human being to look at that perspective more than what is negative. ” – Alwyn Cruz

“Every show is a different adventure, I think thats the reason we grind and work hard everyday, to get to experience the world, while doing what we love.” – John Sedano

This industry is not for the faint of heart, aside from mad skills on the deck and a diversely amazing ear for good music, fun and charisma. You also must be physically fit to sustain yourself.

After all, hyping  the audience out to go and forget all their worries as they have fun and rock it out with you is not an easy task to do. The energy needed to get a 15,000 crowd or a 40,000 crowd to jump with you and your every beat is massive. It is no joke! I’ve seen how difficult it was, I mean I couldn’t even keep my son entertained for a full 15 minutes let alone an hour.

The end deal? I guess, boils down to how mentally , physically and emotionally stable the artists’ are with themselves. Being one of those who get to be with them at every show, I can prolly say that our homegrown artists who might be quite new to this scene is doing quite well.

One key factor I saw was a great rigorous physical training coupled with strong bonds of friendship that can already be translated as their “families” on the road. And with a strong physical built and network of great people around you.

Becoming a DJ/Producer/Artist is indeed the best “job” anyone could ever have.