Working as a creative sure sounds fun. You get paid to do what you love. But behind the curated Instagram posts, picture perfect photographs, and well-written witty captions—we’re just as stressed like everybody else.

Adulthood itself is tedious enough. And so if working. But as a young adult working in the creative industry, things are much harder than people think. Yeah, sure we look cool in social media. With all the crazy, fun lifestyle we post about. Going on a trip outside the city? Meeting celebrities and musicians. Illustrating, designing or writing for a renown magazine or newspaper. Editing vlogs, music videos or movies. Yeah, sure! But as much as fun it sounds, being a creative isn’t that easy.

Everybody  thinks you’re just messing around

We’re tired of hearing people say that what we do is nothing but a piece of cake. Yes, we do get the usual “So, what’s your real job?”. Oh yes hun, that’s my job. I mean, yeah, I might have been sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes from work where we drink, meet people or go out of town. Yes, Susan, like I told you hundreds of times: this is my job. Behind the unconventional workspace we have, we still have to grind every single day to meet our deadlines and please our clients and bosses.

Weird demands from clients

Ugh, yes! Every creative can definitely relate to this. On a daily basis, we have to deal with ridiculous requests from our clients. And when I say, ridiculous, I mean real “ridiculous”. Like “Pwede mo bang lakihan pero wag masyadong malaki?” or “Can you make my face look less bitchy?”. Sure, Sharon, we can make you look less bitchy, that’s how Adobe Premiere and Photoshop works. Of course, not Edith! That’s not how our editing software work, damnit!

Pwede libre? Bigtime ka na eh.

It’s good to know that our family and friends acknowledge our work. But sometimes, they assume too much from us. I get it, I meet musicians, esports personalities and artists. But I don’t earn 6-digits here, Carol! I’m still 21, barely hanging by the thread as an entry-level one-year employed creative! Don’t go asking me to give you thousands every birthdays and Christmas! There’s not much to earn especially when you’re just starting. Believe me.

And yes, the same goes for our beloved friends and batchmates. We write, illustrate, shoot take photos and videos for a living. We can’t do it for free. We’re tired of hearing you guys say “Hala, may bayad? Pwede libre na lang yung coverage sa kasal?” or the ever annoying “Libre mo na ko, credits na lang kita para exposure”. We. Get. Paid. For. Our. Work. Damn. It.

Creative block is real

Our bane of existence. You think it’s easy to think about our funny and witty social media captions? No. We just don’t point and shoot and voila! A perfect aesthetically pleasing photo ready for Instagram. And as I write this, I am certainly losing my last 2 working brain cells. Can you see how I doze off at this line? Yes, I’m out of creative juices.

We run out of creativity sometimes. And that’s torture for us. Our paycheck depends on it and we torture ourselves for hours to finish one simple task. Sometimes, creativity just switches off in a snap. Just like that. So don’t wonder why were high in coffee. That’s how we treat our creative mental block.

Failures are hard to deal with

Every project we do is personal. As they say, art reflects the artists. And if it fails, it’s gonna hit us harder than our superiors. It isn’t just like failing on a professional level. It’s failing as an artist, as a creative. Nothing can make us feel insecure and inferior about our skills knowing that we can’t deliver that well.

We’ll just be worried if we’re gonna “make it” in the career path we choose. Oh, self-doubt come flooding in.

Our mantra: I love my job. Repeat until true. But even though the stress and workload are daunting, we deal with it. Because at the end of the day, we’re doing what we love. Not everyone gets to pursue their passion for arts. And having the chance to do so means a lot.

So appreciate your creative friends. Their lifestyle isn’t easy. They might make it look easy for others, but it’s not. Show some love and support them! They might not make magic, but they’re as amazing as they can be.

Are you a creative guilty of these things? So far, how’s it like working as a creative? Share us your thoughts on the comment section below. You can also send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh!