FASHION: What’s in and what’s out this summer!

Summertime is here! And of course, with it, are summer trends. But the question is, what’s in or out this season?

Summer is a perfect time for spending our days outdoors, but what activities are currently “in”? Together with our list of outdoor activities come our own dose of #OOTD. For this, it’s always good to have a wardrobe update! We’re no fashion experts (we wouldn’t be talking about runway outfits in this one) and you can definitely go with your own style but doesn’t trend dictate what looks good? Let’s get ourselves updated on what’s in and what’s out this summer!

IN: Shoulder-length Hair

Not that long and beautiful hairstyles are out, but with the heat of the summer sun, more and more are going for a shorter hairstyle. If you’re someone who has always liked your hair long, this can be very daunting, but it surely gives your style an added oomph to it. A cute lob will certainly do the trick! It’s somewhere between long and short if you’re having second thoughts. You can leave it straight, or style it to look all tousled for a messy-hair-don’t-care kinda look.

IN: Sunkissed Vibe

The “no makeup” makeup look is so in! Makeup styles nowadays tend to go into a more natural look. Bushy eyebrows, drunk blushed cheeks, and sunkissed skin shouts summer!

IN: Off-shoulder tops

I think off-shoulders have always been a summer staple. Everybody likes it a bit breezy in the hot weather, plus it gives a very outdoor-ish natural vibe, still depending on the design you choose. Big plant prints are getting trendy nowadays, but you can go for the classic floral print to give you that nice feminine look. Or if you’re going for a much laid back outfit, you can have it plain.


IN: Flowy High-slit Skirts (or Pants)

Jeans are a good staple and it is very versatile, but it can get a little constricting with the humidity kicking in, don’t you think? With flowy skirts or pants, air can freely flow through your skin so you feel more relaxed and move freely.

IN: Coordinates

Coordinates are the new hot thing! It saves us the hassle of trying to figure out which top goes with which bottom because they always come in matches. Not only that, but you can also use the outfit pieces separately and match them with other pieces of clothing you may already have.

OUT: Hoodies and Jackets

In other countries, it can be acceptable to wear hoodies under the sun, because at least the wind’s a bit cold. Blame it to the fact that we’re nearer the equator. Don’t get me wrong, I love my hoodies too, but c’mon guys! It’s summer! It can get too hot if we go outside all covered up. Let’s save out sweaters and hoodies for when it’s actually cold, shall we (I’ll be keeping my fuzzy socks, too.)?

It’s always nice to keep one or two denim jackets in your closet, they are a good pairing for many outfits, but during the summer, denim may not be the most comfortable thing to wear as a top.

IN: Travel!

The Philippines does not run short on beautiful (and cold) places you can visit during the summer. While you’re at it, schedule a trip to the Philippines’ Summer Capital, Baguio City so you can chill (literally.)! Baguio is a sought-after tourist spot and you can’t run out of activities to try there. Try to pick some fresh strawberries at Baguio’s Strawberry Farm! Or you can visit Tagaytay City and go ziplining with your friends. The horses there are pretty cute, too! You can visit other places too, of course. Summer is most fun when spent with the people you love.

IN: Beach Trips

I think no matter what year it is, as long as it’s summer, beaches never get old. Nothing is better on a hot day than bathing in salt water. You can also go island hopping and snorkeling.

OUT: Amusement Parks

Amusement parks are fun, sure. For some of us who like extreme rides and carnival games, there’s nothing bad about them! It’s just that most of us have already been there already, and the entrance fees are getting higher these days. Don’t get us wrong, if you really want to experience it, we’re all for it. It’s also always good to try something new!

There you have it, our in and out picks for the summer! But it’s as we say, it’s your summer, your choice! Which of these “in” items do you already have? Share us your thoughts in the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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