From chill to walwal nights, what your drink says about you is much more accurate than other stereotypical traits they’re throwing at you. Some alcohols may make you look like you’re boring, while some are screaming troublemaker! Even your local bartenders can tell a lot about your purpose for the night, all based on the shots you’re ordering.

Old, young, classy or cheap, hands up if you’re guilty of these liquor choices!


Margaritas are for girls shouting WOOOOO’s while they’re having their night out. They’re the festive people wearing summer outfits no matter the weather, but one of them is probably puking on the bathroom floor after three glasses of strawberry margarita.


Wine people are the classy titas who can afford pricey liquors. Be it red or white wine, they’re also the mood-setter for romantic dates and celebratory dinners.


Only the brave ones dare to try a few shots of tequila. It’s the ultimate recipe for a walwal night of partying (and vomiting).  Tequila people are those you can see on the dance floor grinding with strangers, probably ends up hooking up with them without remembering what happened.


Strong people drink vodka, and they’re often stereotyped as the troublemakers. They’re also treated as the life of the party aside from the tequila people. Don’t be surprised if you hear them volunteering to buy the next rounds of shots after a night of drinking. They start acting rich when they’re drunk.


Brandy is for your typical topless titos flaunting their bellies at the corner street. Empi light is their usual drink, and they easily gulp it as if it’s water. There are lots of cheap brandy drinks for alcoholics to get through the day.


Classy bachelors (and the “daddys”) drink whisky. They’re also the go-to drink of Barney Stinson wannabe’s who hit girls up with their intellects. Watch out for these guys.


Whether it’s for one beers or a walwal night, beer drinkers are there for a chill time. Red Horse is known as the cure for cold, broken hearts, while San Mig Light is for the lady drinkers whose alcohol tolerance has limits. Let’s not forget San Mig’s flavored drinks, but they’re for newbies who still can’t stomach the taste of beer.

We take it you’ll never look at anyone holding their liquor the same, ever again. But these are just our observations – what your drink says about you is highly subjective!