So, you want to date a writer? There are some things you have to know first before diving into their world…

“Writers are a different breed,” I remember someone telling me this one hazy night as I was half-drunk and waiting for my Grab ride. Oh, look, I started that one with an anecdote! You already know I’m a writer, and if you’re one too, you’d know that boys will be all about picking you up outside a bar ’till you tell them you’re a writer. We can’t blame them, though! Dating a writer is just like dating any normal person, except completely different. I’ll only be speaking as a writer who’s been dating a non-writer for almost five years. So everything will come from experience.

Writers can come off as cold, distant, and intimidating to other people. Some also think that all we do is sit inside all day in our PJs with a bottle of alcohol on the side. We all know those are just stereotypes, right? But writers date, too. And most often than not, they’re the best and quirkiest ones in the world. Here are some fun facts about dating a writer!

Writers are inexpensive!

We don’t need expensive shoes or jewelry. Where would we wear it to? We’d be comfortable in our normal home clothes and a messy bun. You could also easily trick a writer into thinking that nice-smelling stationery or a blank notebook is an acceptable anniversary or birthday gift. Because to them, it is! Flowers would wilt, but the words they would be able to write in those could live eternally!

Writers make the best handmade presents too. Greeting cards? They don’t buy all those stuff. Nothing is more sincere than handwritten-letters, and fortunately for you, you can be a recipient of one!

Writing is a quiet time.

No interruptions, please. The thing most people don’t understand is that writing isn’t very easy to go back to once you’re distracted. In fact, it can take hours of psyching yourself up when you lose your train of thought, especially when you’re in the momentum! Any noise louder than the clicking of the keyboard can be distracting. I’m pretty sure they love you, but give them time to write in peace, otherwise they’ll have to go to the coffee shop.

You may or may not end up in their work.

People always say that once you date a writer, you’d be immortalized in print. Well, that’s true. Writers tend to write about their life’s experiences and if you’re a significant part of those, you’ll probably end up in their work. Either that or they’ll write something completely dedicated to or about you. Okay, maybe they won’t write about you in their work, but a quick search through their blog posts could get you something. Of course, they have a Tumblr account, what are you talking about? But don’t automatically assume that just because a character in their story has a slight resemblance to you, then you are that character. Writers don’t base anything and everything on personal information. If that’s the case, we might as well just write an autobiography. So yeah, if your partner is a writer, you may or may not be in their work. Have fun guessing!

Breakup Poetry

I sure am not hoping you and your writer partner break up, but if you did in the past, you probably know how it is. You’re going to walk away from it with a couple of great stories and poems. Writers tend to release their emotions through writing, and the strong emotion caused by a breakup is no exception.  They might even subtweet a whole verse about you for all you know, but you can’t prove it anyway!

Size matters!

We’re talking about your vocabulary, of course. Make it big and full. Trust me, a good vocabulary can entice them in more effective ways than a good body can. Writers also probably don’t mean to offend you when they suddenly become grammar police. I know you’re busy, but the few seconds you’ll take spelling words correctly! Think of it like this, it works to your advantage to have free grammar checking service for your paper works.

They take words seriously.

They take words you say seriously. Your promises, lyrics to songs you send them, even your retweets and posts. Writers honor words, so it’s pretty important to them that you keep yours. They are strong believers that words should be used at the right time and for the right purpose.

One last bonus tip? Read their writings. Not their diary, of course. Some people may see it as boasting when writers show them their work, but it’s actually not. If they show you their work, they are giving you a part of their soul and entrusting you with it. By reading their little scribblings, you get at least a glimpse of how they feel and what they are thinking! Who knows, it may be a means for you to know them better.

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