When we say the word ‘success’, what comes into your mind?

Are you thinking about a lot of money safely stored in your bank account? Or perhaps, a massive house and lot under your name? In your head, are you picturing having your own happy and healthy family? Or maybe the time you last defecated?

To be honest, ‘success’ is a scary word. It can represent all the things that everyone – your family, the people around you, and even yourself – expects from you. All of us claim that we want to be ‘successful’, but what does that mean exactly?


Failure is the opposite of success. To understand what the latter means, let’s try to know more about its antonym—failure. It represents all the hardships and downfalls that you experience in your life.

Failure is inevitable. Everyone goes through moments wherein they fail. And because failure is a sad thing, some people often succumb to the negativity that failure stands for. Because let’s face it, no one really likes failing. Do you?

The quote try and try until you succeed” may mean that you should still try over and over again even after failing but the ultimate goal is still there — to succeed.

So in that sense, we would like to think of success in this way:


The word above doesn’t really symbolize anything material. You can count all of your money or look at all your personal belongings, but that doesn’t really mean anything. The material things that you have may just signify a happy memory of going past through failure. And maybe that’s the simple meaning of success.

Maybe being successful means just being able to happily live. Because our lives are full of challenges that often end in failure, success acts as the rainbow we see after the rain. Or the feeling we get after going through a challenging pooping session. Just maybe, it really does not refer to anything material, but the feeling of achievement and appreciation of the self as you conquer failure.

Don’t count your money; think of how you would feel about being financially stable. Stop thinking of trophies or medals; think of the knowledge and experiences you get that you could applaud yourself for. Block the negative thoughts of not achieving your goal immediately; think of the fun you would get as you try and try again.

We get it, this thinking is idealistic. However, when we think or view our lives this way, doesn’t it make things a little easier for us? Doesn’t it lessen the greed for material things or recognition from others? Doesn’t it make our existence much more delightful?

Because… just maybe, by counting all of the times that we have been able to tap ourselves on the back and felt contented instead of loathing ourselves for failing, we gain something better than material things. We gain self-love.

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