Ever felt envious that someone is getting treated better than you and you don’t know why? Maybe it was because of ‘Pretty Privilege’. But what exactly is ‘Pretty Privilege’?

Today we’ll be discussing what exactly is ‘Pretty Privilege’? Maybe you can tell from the term what it’s about, but it’s okay if you’ve never heard of this either. Because that’s why you’re here. So let me tell you what ‘Pretty Privilege’ is all about.

Pretty Privilege


So let’s break it down “pretty” is defined as “pleasant to look at or attractive or charming in a delicate way”. And “privilege” is defined as “a special advantage or authority possessed by a particular person or group”. So we can say that ‘Pretty Privilege’ is the unspoken advantage that people enjoy who possess a stereotypical standard of beauty. In a nutshell that’s all it is, people who get treated better because they are “pretty”. It’s basically why we’re so nice to celebrities, even if we don’t know what they’re really like as people. Just because they are “pretty”. Because we grew up learning that how we look affects our self-worth.

Acknowledge your privilege


So if you’re one of the lucky ones who have this unspoken privilege. Then good for you, but also maybe not? Because when you have this privilege, people tend to go easy on you. And you can’t grow if you don’t experience the struggle. Of course, you are free to enjoy your privilege however you want. But maybe try to be mindful of others. Since ‘Pretty Privilege’ is based on the stereotypical forms of beauty like being fair-skinned, fit, having clear skin, and pleasing features. Be mindful of those who don’t share this privilege. It’s not that people who don’t have ‘Pretty Privilege’ are ugly. We don’t believe that at all. It’s just all superficial standards. But when you do have this privilege, a person struggling with acne doesn’t want to hear a person who has clear skin to say something like, “just wash your face”. So acknowledge your privilege. Take what it gives to you but also be mindful of other people who are struggling without this privilege.

Overall, any kind of privilege should always be kept in check. So we can understand others better by learning about these experiences. As well as learn how to live harmoniously with others. No matter what kind of privilege you or they have.

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