When people think about loneliness, it’s often negative. But here’s what I learned when I embraced my loneliness.

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We often think of loneliness in a negative light. It’s the kind of loneliness where we would rather keep ourselves isolated, for fear of things going wrong if we step outside our comfort zones. It’s the kind of loneliness where we shield our heart for fear of getting hurt. So we keep to ourselves instead, never letting anyone in. And that’s the kind of loneliness that stunts the growth of your soul. That’s the toxic kind of loneliness. But I’m here to tell you that there’s more to loneliness than you thought. So here are things that I learned when I embraced my loneliness.

You learn to find strength.

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One of the things I learned is that, you learn to find strength when you embrace your loneliness. When you finally accept your loneliness—you realize you don’t have a need to depend on anyone. And that is where you draw strength, you don’t need anyone and you can survive on your own. It is empowering to liberate yourself from the need of depending on anyone.

You learn that it’s better to be alone than be surrounded by all the wrong people.

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Anyone who lives their life in the pursuit of pleasing or gaining acceptance from others is a fruitless endeavour. It’s better to be alone than to stand with others, and trying to fit into their mold. You learn by embracing your loneliness that life is better lived if you can be happy and content with who you are instead.

Loneliness is a constant companion in life. We feel lonely when we lose a lover or a friend. We feel lonely when nobody supports our dreams and ideas. And we feel lonely when we’re misunderstood. So it’s better that you embrace your loneliness now and think of it as a friend. If you can befriend loneliness you can befriend anyone. It’ll help you learn to get along with others. But also help you learn to live with who you are.

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