After one year from my graduation day, I realized so much and everything has changed…

The future holds so many things for everyone. It scares us, just thinking of what might happen in the next few days, weeks and months. And as we unfold another chapter in our life after graduating from college, there’s just so much to think about. The day after my graduation day, the reality of being a fully-fledged adult began to sink in. But one thing’s for sure, I know that I’m gonna do great.

The past few days, I’ve been seeing a lot of graduation posts from my friends and acquaintances. All seem happy to achieve one milestone in their life. And looking back, I was once a hopeful graduate too. Full of dreams, full of hope, full of passion. And I think, that still hasn’t changed a bit. But apparently, everything has changed.

I’ve learned a lot about the reality of life. It might sound cynical but life’s tougher than we thought. It changes you, molds you into a different person and changes your perspective in life. Heck, I’m no exception to that part. So here are some of the things I managed to pick-up in the one year of diving into adulthood.

Grades won’t matter much

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We’ve always believed that getting awards and honors during college would do you good in the future. And I agree. But at some point during my job hunting, it doesn’t really matter much. I’ve seen some of my achiever colleagues still don’t have a job. While some of our classmates who aren’t book smart is owning it in the careers they’ve taken. Most companies don’t really look into your grades. They look past the barely hanging grades, the numerous high GWAs. More importantly, they look into your skills. What you can do and what can you contribute to their company. Yes, it’s great to win awards during college, it tells more about your skills.

It’s okay to have a small circle of friends

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While it might not apply to some, but this yields to be true. Some of us have a lot of friends outside of work. We have our high school friends, our childhood buddies, our college friends and little cliques outside of it. But it’s definitely hard to keep up. Especially when you only have what? Two free days for rest and recreation in a week, right? That’s just so little time. You can say that you guys are best buds but you’ll drift apart. Working is no laughing matter. Unlike school where we can ditch sometimes, work requires a commitment that we just can’t let go. And once you’re committed to working, spending time with friends is just a luxury.

You barely get to talk to them. A week or two, maybe in months. Until you drift apart. But having a small circle of friends doesn’t define your social life. Personally, I just have a handful of friends whom I run to whenever. The true people who are really there for me, through ups and downs. Reality is, not everyone in your friend is your friend. When bad things happen, some people leave you to dust. I’ve learned it the hard way. But because of that, I’ve learned who my true friends are. Keep it close, keep it tight, that’s what they say.  If you have to cut some people of, do it.

Spend time with your family

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Having too little time because of work is quite hard. You need to spend your weekends wisely or else you’ll be missing out many things in life. But most importantly, spend time with your family. While we still have our whole life ahead, we can’t really tell what might happen to our loved ones, especially to our parents and close relatives.

Living in the city taught me how important it is to spend time with your family. You’ll be renting out with alone or probably with other people who won’t take care of you when you’re sick. You’d have to cook for yourself or suffer eating food from convenience stores or fast food. And yes, you’ll definitely miss the nagging of your mom and her home cooking. Or miss how you’re dad buys your medicines and jokes with you. And how you’re siblings always, always ask for money because you’re earning now. We have our whole life ahead of us. Why not spend time for the people closest to our hearts, right?

Things change, people change. One thing you know, the year is about to end. So don’t think too much about the future. Don’t spend time fooling around after graduation day. Try to live up your dreams while living your life to the fullest. Adulthood is the most complicated phase of our life. And there’s no manual or instructions on how to proceed to it. I’ve missed out a lot of opportunities in one year, both in my career and personal life. And in just one year, you’ll have the best turnaround in life that you won’t even see it coming.

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