We are days away from the release of the PS5, but some have received their’s a little early…

So I was taking a break from doing things and decided to open up Instagram. I opened up some stories and I scrolled. Then I saw this one story with a PS5 on his computer table. Of course the gullible in me thought to myself, wow hard work really pays off. Then I continued scrolling then I saw another story with a PS5 in it and I thought, wow this dude can’t even pay his part whenever we go out but here he is with his own Playstation. You must think that I’m stupid at this point, well so do I. Because I did not realize that it was a filter until I saw a third and fourth IG story.

Photo from Gaming Intel

Instagram has some good filters but this one is definitely one of the best. To clarify, I am not an idiot, it’s just that when you open the story you immediately look at the box and just go to the next one. Plus, I’m not updated with gaming consoles and stuff. So there’s that. Anyway, the PS5 filter hit Instagram like a storm. Many people have used this as a way to prank their friends.

Filter creator, @ARonEverything launched the filter on his account for the sole reason of having fun. According to some sources, the filter had hit over 6 million impressions in a span of two days. And I gotta say that the filter definitely looks too.. real. The simple attention to detail made the filter look a little too real like tearing issues in the box and the color tone of the box. And add that up to a perfectly placed angle shot then BAM, you have your own PS5 and maybe fooled some of your friends along the way. 

But the creator of the filter also gave out some disclaimer regarding the filter about the possibility of it being misused for selfish reasons such as fake selling and giveaways. I mean man’s gotta point. Some people might use the filter in the wrong way so just be aware of those types of people. Those people, am I right? Always spoiling the fun out of everything.

Photo from @ARonEverything

With the release of the new Sony gaming console comes near, I’m pretty sure that most of us are excited to have our hands on it. If you are able to buy the console, then that’s awesome. Enjoy it. And for the others who can’t afford it, maybe let your friends think that you have one by saving the picture first then reupload it on your social media to make it look real!

Are you excited about the release of PS5?

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