We might see them as cold and inexpressive, but our dads always have a soft spot for us! Right after Father’s Day, let’s talk about the weird ways our dads show us love!

Father’s Day had just gone by and we thought it would be awesome to take time and appreciate our dads! We know about motherly love all too well—unconditional. But Dads are a different breed because they don’t always tell their children directly what they think or how they feel. Oftentimes, our Dads can be reluctant about being expressive in fear of losing the parent-child boundary or losing the tough image that they so carefully curate. But as children, we need to watch out for subtle ways our Dad shows us that they love us. Okay… maybe not subtle, but weird! Here are some weird ways our dads show us, love!

Weird dad jokes

Dad jokes never go out of style. But sometimes, they get so hilarious only because of how corny they are! Puns, knock-knock jokes and even just plain ones. Our dads never run out! We don’t know if it’s just a type of humor you develop when you become a dad, or if they have been like that since they were born. Needless to say, our dads may always be guarded and armored, but they always make up to us by making us laugh a little every day!

Weird pet names

I remember one of my colleagues whose father looked stone tough. Bald head, tattoos, buff body… and most of us were intimidated by him. But guess what, he calls his daughter “bibi”. “Bibi, kumain ka na,” and some other mushy stuff along those lines. I mean, just imagine! Some of our dads have weird pet names that they give us when we’re kids and they still call us those names even when we’re fully grown adults. We just never grown up for them!

Weird “kulit” moments

My dad used to tickle me so hard that I cry, but there are other little weird “kulit” moments that we were able to share. Some dads will make fun of you in public! My colleague’s dad (yes, the intimidating one) would walk in a weird way when he’s with his daughter at the mall. When they’re not being authoritative or mad, Dads can be a lot of fun to be with, too!

Being weirdly protective

If you’re a girl and your dad learns that there’s a guy hitting on you, he’ll probably have the shotgun ready by the time you go home! They like to joke around like that, of course, but the point is they need to be protective of their princess. Once, I told my dad that my boyfriend and I broke up because he cheated on me. But then we got back together and the day he dropped me off at home, my dad wanted to punch him so bad! Nobody’s hurting his daughter! Dads can be weirdly protective with their daughter about boys because they’ve been boys themselves.

Not only that, but they always have to make sure you get home at the right time, and safely. My dad used to drop me off and pick me up from school before, and I know colleagues whose dads still do this even if we’re all grownups! They can never sleep unless they know we’re safe. That’s just a Dad thing!

They love us!

Our Dads might not tell us every day, but they do love us dearly. We’re pretty sure they love us more than their fighter chickens. I used to never think of this before because my father always looked mad and I was always afraid of him, but I realized all these subtle things he did just now! They might be weird, but still, we are lucky that our dads are our dads. And you’ll know how proud they are of you when they’re drunk and all they can talk about is you as their child. Still, dads are the only people who can answer our long messages with “K.”

Father’s Day might have passed already but it’s never too late to show your Dad some love! Just small gestures. They appreciate it, I promise. Trust me, I once wrote my Dad a letter in 5th grade and he still kept it with him up to now. They just love us so much. What is your Dad like?  Let us know on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.