A little bummed out to celebrate Halloween at our homes? Well, check out these things you can do to keep your Holloween spirits kicking!

I know it’s a bummer that we can’t go out to celebrate this Halloween. The costume parties, horror houses and escape mazes, and trick or treating with our siblings, these are some of the things we usually do during this time of the year. But we all know with our given situation that we are not capable to do these things.

I know for some this is one of their favorite holidays for it’s the one time of the year where we can be creative, go wild (a little bit), and just be free. Bummer, right?  But we should not let this hinder us from having fun this Halloween! Here are some of the things we can do to celebrate Halloween in the midst of this quarantine!

Movie marathon with family

Every year we go out with our friends and party out all night. Well, this year maybe we should try to celebrate things differently and spend our Halloween with our families. The cold weather, a bowl filled with popcorn, and snuggling under that sheets with your loved ones. I mean that sounds kind of a cozy good time right? So maybe set up that entertainment area, dim those lights a little, prepare those chips and drinks, and prepare some bunch of horror films to watch with your family while snuggling under those sheets!


Build a fort and share horror stories

This one is more for the little ones in your families. Missing out on trick or treating or going to children costume parties might bum them out a little. So try making this Halloween fun for them by building a fort. Maybe take a pause from all the usage of those gadgets and spend some time under a fort of sheets and piles of pillows and share some horror stories. Like camping, right? I know I had a blast every time I build and play on a fort, so try it out with your little ones and have a good old scare from horror stories.


Plan a scavenger hunt

This one is also for the little ones but also for us who are young at hearts. I mean nothing beats an old competitive scavenger hunt right? So maybe plan out a little treasure hunt and invite some of your relatives with their children and play a little scavenger hunt. Give candies as a prize and let them enjoy this holiday. But also remember of course to follow the social distancing protocols to ensure the safety of everyone. This can be a good way to alleviate the stress that we are all feeling during this pandemic. I mean seeing kids having fun and smiling is something that will surely give us joy in our unhealthy hearts.


Go big with your costume

I know for some of us, we always look forward to Halloween so that we can dress up like Harley Quinn or any of your favorite characters or someone you’ve been binging on Netflix. So maybe try wearing them on post an OOTD on your socials. I mean I know that it’s not the same as partying with friends but at least you can feel the spirit of Halloween through your outfit. And maybe even try to have a video call with your friends while wearing that costume and have an e-party. It’s not good as actual partying but at least you can be with your friends and keep that partying tradition during Halloween!


Message those who ghost you

This one is an optional thing to do. But if you want to let those people who ghost you feel spooky and sweat a little, maybe hit them up and tell them that you are alive. I mean, when going to Halloween parties, we often encounter that one person who just died. Figuratively of course but somehow literally. And we bump into them and we make this one bad decision and blame it on the holiday. Try to startle them with a message or something. Maybe even catch up and pick up from where you left (but of course I wouldn’t advise this) but up to you of course! The point is do whatever makes you feel happy this Halloween!


What are your Halloween plans?

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