Life and Style: Victor Pring – The Artist Behind The Brand

It’s quite rare to spot a man that turns only 23 with achievements, recognition, & ambassadorships as great as he does under his belt. And for someone who’s kept an insatiable mindset to succeed ever since he entered the scene just over 2 years ago. It may still shock you to find out that he has actually been working his butt off as early as 15 years old.

The Beast

Victor Pring is a name attached to the biggest music festivals, clubs, rave parties, & many other live shows in Philippines. We know him for being responsible for a show’s hype, always doing so with 110% energy, infectious dance moves and family servings of hugot – a recipe that has earned him awards and ambassadorships for only the finest from music, fashion, lifestyle, and tech.

Yet more than a talent and beyond his successes, Victor is convinced that he has and is only “still scratching the surface” of the scene, and believes the work does not simply end on the stage.

“When you go up onstage, people only see the result of all the planning that you’ve done, of all the backend work that you’ve created, without them knowing what you did months or weeks before the show.”

Victor Pring

Working 25/8, Victor bounces from being an emcee or host in the nighttime to attending meetings, learning (or creating) music, and taking over his clothing line during the day, with a clear and vicious aim to eventually share the stage with his partner, DJ X Factor, at Ultra Miami.

Before I met Vic, I’d always known that it took a huge amount of motivation to be able to do and accomplish as much as he does within human functioning hours. Yet, it was only until very recently, when he dropped by my office one rainy day, that I got to uncover his.

“You have to build your own brand because at the end of the day, you are your own product and you have to take care of your own product — and that is you. And no one can take that away from you.”

As an artist, Victor draws inspiration from DJ’s Ace Ramos, David Ardiente, and Funk Avy, for their consistency while tags Kanye’s work as his blueprint for his other creative projects.

Heartless PH

Victor recently launched Heartless, a clothing line that he dedicates to all “kids who never fit in, because they were born to stand out”.

Victor believes that it is best to influence others when you are your own product as for him. It is much easier to tap into the lives of others as they connect with who he is more. Rather than just having other brands to support and build his character for him.

Victor Pring’s Brand

As an extension of the Victor Pring brand, Heartless is also one that he proclaims isn’t for everyone. “If you want it you can get it. If you dont, you’re gonna hate on it and it only gets as real as that.

Now 2 years in the industry, another year older, and staying in love with his work as ever, I asked Vic about what he wants meeting him – the person and artist behind his brand – to mean and be like to him now. He responded, and almost insantly, with:

“I want all of the people I tap into or communicate with or makausap ko, makilala ko, to know that you have your best potential. You can be anything you want to be. You can do whatever you want to do. And you can accomplish anything that you set your mind into. You only achieve as much as you want to – how long your mind can stretch.”

From U Do U and AfterParty, Happy birthday, Vic! May you keep touching the lives of people with your passion and hard work.

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