Going to be cooped up all home this Valentine’s season? Say no more! We’ve prepared a list of Valentine’s Day must watch movies for you!

Surely, not every one of us will be out on a date this season love. You might not have a date or you just want a low-key kind of date with your significant other. Either way, watching these movies in your humble abode or the theaters would still make you feel the love in the air.


For starters, Antonette Jadaone. Second, LizQuen. Do I need to say anymore? ‘Alone/Together‘ isn’t just your typical romance drama movie. It’s more than that! It doesn’t just focus and simplifies love in one’s life. But it shows how love is really in a very realistic way. I mean, love doesn’t make the world go round and there are things that hinder us from loving. Like career and dreams. And I guess, the movie encapsulated that thought especially in the age where dreams matter in one’s life. And the good news is, it’s still showing in cinemas!

500 Days of Summer

This must be the most misleading romance movie we’ve all seen. Even though it’s a romantic comedy, it sure does tug the heartstrings of the viewers every now and then. Tom is our typical hopeless romantic that fell in love with one-of-a-kind Summer. But their romance didn’t end in a good note but it did teach us a valuable lesson of soul-searching. No amount of love can help you find yourself. Sometimes, you have to walk through life alone before you find and fix yourself.

A Walk to Remember

One of the best Nicholas Sparks movie that ever graced the big screens! ‘A Walk to Remember’ served us the best story of a great love between two opposite people. Even if Landon is your usual bad boy, Jaime was able to make him change for the better. And despite the unfortunate incident, Landon proved his love for Jaime even after death. Best. Romance. Ever.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

We’ve all had our fair share of crushes way back high school. And this movie sums up how we were back then. The weird turn of events for Lara Jean and Peter in ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before‘ worked out just fine. And we all dream of having our crush ending up as our significant other, right? It’s light, funny, and relatable and you can definitely enjoy.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re alone this Valentines’ Day or not. You can definitely make the most out of the V-Day and watch these movies with your family, friends or significant others. Whatever floats your boat! You’ll definitely forget the Valentines blues as you dive in the feels of these romance movies.

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