It’s the love of month and of course, you gotta think sweet and big. So here are some cute Valentine’s Day gimmicks you can orchestrate!

Cheesiness overload… For someone single like me and no special plans for February 14, I don’t wanna seem all bitter. In fact, I have such a romantic bone in my body. And since I’m not busy making plans for my nonexistent boyfriend, here are some Valentine’s Day gimmicks ideas that just might spark an idea for you!

There are only much I could suggest for Valentine’s Day gimmicks tho. Because in the end, it’s all up to you. You do you! And of course, you’re the one who would know what to do to make your partner swoon with kilig!

Cook for him/her!

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Going out on a dinner date somewhere romantic would be amazing. But of course, it’s the thought that counts. Wake your lover up with a hearty breakfast in bed! If you want, you can also pack him/her some delicious lunch meal for their work or class. But honestly, a homecooked dinner would be the best. Set up a great ambience at home and just the two of you with an amazing meal. Don’t worry if you’re no expert in cooking or if it’s your first time. They’d probably cry realizing the effort you’ve exerted. If it’s inedible though (leave the kitchen alone from then on!), you could always save the night by ordering takeout. But trust me, they’d love you even more!

Scavenger hunt

If your partner loves solving things and having fun outdoors, then a scavenger hunt would be such a cool gift to her this Valentine’s Day. Check out this cute MV that Megan Nicole did! You can set up clues where your partner could find a gift or a love letter just for him/her. And at the last stop, they’d find you and the most special gift you have for him/her. It’s fun, challenging, and the effort you’d have to exert will be worth it. Trust me! Just make sure you plan it right tho.

Write extra love letters

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Love letters are the best. It’s very pure and real, pouring one’s heart out to express the love they have for the recipient is utterly wonderful. But be extra! Make sure that the love letter(s) you’ll hand out to the one you love would be really special. Maybe have her favorite flowers to go with it. Believe it or not, flowers can still make a girl giddy! Or if you’re writing one for your boyfriend, add something that he really likes. Of course, there is numerous way to make your love letter extra! Maybe you can write a dozen notes and put it in a mason jar? Or you could do it in a scrapbook form? Get creative!

Let there be light!

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Pull your partner’s heartstring this Valentine’s Day by giving him/her such pretty lights to look at! You can light up some beautiful lanterns with them or buy them amazing LED balloons lights. Or even better, why don’t you name a star after them? 😉 That has gotta be one of the greatest gifts! Buy and register a star right here now!

Use that talent

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Everyone has a talent. May it be singing, playing an instrument, dancing, writing, or in arts, you name it! And what better way to show it off but by dedicating it to your loved one? This Valentine’s Day, I’m sure he or she would love it if you sing them your own composition, show off a dance number, or draw them. One of the sweetest things you could do is use your passion to express how much they mean to you. I’m 90% sure a tear would fall on this one.

Give them a baby… I mean, a pet!

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Well if you want a kid running around the house, then why not right? But if you’re not ready for that or you guys are not in that stage of the relationship yet, no worries. You can always give them a cute pet! May it be a dog, cat, fish, or a snake maybe if your partner is bold like that, do it. This could just be your baby! Something that you could share and take care of together. Awww, so sweet!

Surprise them!

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Well, some may not like surprises. But personally, I know a lot who would love to be surprised. Whether you want to glam up their room with the sweetest things, surprise them with tickets to their favorite show, or a surprise trip… Do it! There are a lot of surprises that you could orchestrate depending on what your partner wants. And I’m pretty sure that the surprised look on their face would be so special and heartwarming for you.


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Not applicable to everyone, I know! But if you want to take your relationship to the next level and something lasting, then use Valentine’s Day as a stepping stone to starting a life together. It’s the month of love anyways. If they say yes, then a huge congratulations! If not… try again next year? Kidding!

I hope this would help you come up with your own version of gimmicks that you could do for the one you love. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you! Do something crazily sweet and memorable. But take note, grand and sweet gestures should not only be done during Valentine’s Day, okay? 😉

Did this list of Valentine’s Day gimmicks turn on your thinking light bulb? What are you planning to do for your SO this February 14? Tell us in the comment section below! But if you think they might see it, send us a message on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Happy month of love!