Japanese engineering is revered for world standard designs, but did you know they applied that to stationery items as well?

Quality of life is improved when basic tasks can be done with ease. And the Japanese have always strived for that to be true, finding ways or designing items to make everyday tasks easier. But did you know that even something as simple as stationery items, they still manage to improve? Have a look at these unique Japanese stationery items!

Stapleless Stapler

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Don’t you just hate it when you try to staple papers together and it jams? Leaving unsightly marks on your pristine print outs? Or when you run out of staples but can’t seem to find any even after turning the whole house upside down? Well with the Harinacs Stapleless Stapler you’ll never have to worry about that again. How it works is it punches out and tucks an arrow-shaped flap through a slit, and that’s it! It sounds very simple but it’s very durable. It holds up to eight to ten pages together, depending on the model.

Adhesive Tape Roller

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Tired of using runny glue that leaves wrinkles on all your paper projects and takes forever to dry? Why don’t you give the Tombow Pit Slide Adhesive Tape Roller a try! It works just like a correction tape would, you just press firmly on the desired area and a strip of perfectly applied adhesive is placed. You don’t need bulky tape dispensers anymore. Because it fits perfectly into your pencil case. We definitely could have used this in school!

28 Edged Twist Eraser

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This product is called the Kadokeshi Stick mini Twist Eraser. But what would you need twenty-eight edges for you ask? It might not cross your mind now but have you ever wanted to just erase a little bit off of that drawing or correct a single letter, but you find yourself with no clean edges on your now blunt eraser? That’s what this unique stationery item is for! So you’ll never run out of clean edges. Fun fact: Did you know that the original design of this was nominated for a design award back in 2002? The Japanese really take innovation to another level with these unique designs.

Erasable Highlighter

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The Pilot FriXion Light erasable Highlighters are what my craft-induced dreams are made of! Not only do they come in soft pastel colors, but they’re also ERASABLE! I cannot count the number of times that I realize a little too late that I used too much highlight. This unique stationery item is something I wish I had during days and days of reviewing back in school.

Single Sheet Cutter

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Move over Exacto knives! The Midori Single Sheet Cutter is here. This revolutionary cutter, believe it or not, cuts only through a single sheet of paper at a time. Even if you have another paper underneath it, it will not cut through. It has a 360-degree head that allows it to cut easily in either straight or curved lines. And only a small sliver of the blade protrudes from the head to exactly cut through the thickness of a single sheet of paper.

It’s amazing when product designers have user experiences strongly in mind when designing. The end products turn out like these unique Japanese stationery items. Stationery addicts, if these unique finds don’t make you want to add these to your collection ASAP then we don’t know what will.

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