Unilever takes its first step towards eco-friendly beauty that we all have been waiting for!

Just recently Unilever Philippines has announced its partnership with All Things Hair to make refillable hair products available.

We all want to be beautiful, but sometimes in exchange for this, it is our planet that turns ugly. In order to adapt to the needs of the majority here in the country, companies have resorted to using single-use plastic containers and sachets that we end up throwing away after one use. Let’s be real, some Filipinos would rather buy beauty products in sachets for single usage than buy a bottled one. Either way, both still add up to the world’s waste when our Earth can barely hold it anymore. I’m guilty about this, too, but then again, who isn’t?

A big step!

It’s good to see that amidst all the toxicity that the internet surrounds us with every day, there is still some good news to see. Apparently, Unilever has had enough of the “You can make a difference even with the smallest things like throwing your trash in the right bins,” slogan, and figured that we are at the edge of our Earth’s limits. That maybe it takes a huge step like this in order to spur individual change (although we still find that slogan to be true).

Global Reach

On their page, we learned that this is not the company’s first move towards being eco-friendly. It is, for the Philippines, but Unilever has been doing this in different states in the US. Partnering with LOOP, Unilever believed that beauty products can be delivered to your doorsteps in refillable, more durable containers. And when it’s run out? Just place the empty bottle on your doorstep and the milkman will wash the bottles for you and refill it with the product. Any leftover product is recycled or used some other ways. However, in the Philippines, we need to go to refilling stations in order to do that. No big deal, we go grocery shopping every once in a while anyway.

They also launched toothpaste tablets which you can chew and then brush your teeth with. I wonder if you can actually eat it, like candy, but never mind, toothpaste-flavored candies sound weird. The company revealed that their goal and commitment would be to turn their every product zero-waste by 2025. This means all of the packagings that their products will come in would be either recyclable, reusable or compostable.

Where can we find the stations?

This being said, we have big hopes for this project to actually work! Netizens quickly acknowledged the help that this does in order to cut waste, but some wish that these refillers were more accessible to the masses. As of now, they are in three Ayala Malls (Trinoma, Glorietta, and Alabang Town Center). If this would be placed in minimarts or smaller grocery shops, I think the effect would be better felt where the sachet consumers are.

Nonetheless, this is a big step! Unilever products reach billions of people in the world, so even the slightest change in their products can mean big effects.

This is an exciting change, don’t you think! Let us know if you ever get to trying these refill stations on the comment section below. Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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