For our last episode for the year, we gave out some advice that might help you have a prosperous new year. Learn more about our UDOU Episode of Things You Need To Let Go From 2018 right here!

Few days left before 2018! Are you excited for a new chapter? Before you start scribbling down some New Year’s resolution for 2019, let’s talk about our excess baggage from this year first.

To have a fresh new chapter, we all must get rid of some bad habits and let go of things that are not healthy for us. Before you enter 2019, we want you to look at the things you need to let go from 2018.

Just a reminder tho, that all of these bits of advice are based on our own experiences and opinions. We don’t know the extent of what you’re going through and what you’ve been through. These are merely general pieces of advice that we could give. At the end of the day, it’s all up to you and your process of coping up! Because you do you!

Part One: Getting Rid of Bad Habits

In the first part of this episode, Jor talks about the common bad habits and why we need to get rid of them!

Watch the first part of ‘Things You Need To Let Go From 2018’ right here:

Impulse buying and hoarding

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Yup. We know, it’s hard to control yourself from buying when you come across something really nice and you have cash with you. Good judgment seems to be absent! You keep on buying things and you don’t think it through if you really need to buy that item.

We get that a lot too. Splurging is such a disease and there doesn’t seem to be an antibiotic for it! One second your wallet is so fat after getting your salary. Then the next minute, it’s empty like “Where the hell did all my money go?!”. And then just find yourself crawling to survive until the next payday arrives.

But guys, we all need to stop ourselves from purchasing unnecessary things. It’s great to have new things to take home but it’s better to sleep peacefully at night without worrying if you have enough money to survive the week!

All the stuff that you’ve hoarded that’s left untouched on a shelf can be donated! Start your 2019 right by giving it to people who really need it. Not only will you be able to declutter, but you will also be able to help those who are in need.

Being late and procrastination

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Being late is another bad habit of us Filipinos, thus the term “Filipino time”. I don’t know how this begun but it’s really bad! We’re all guilty of being late but keep in mind that punctuality is a must all the time. So what if other people are always late? That’s not an excuse to be late as well!

A new chapter is arriving and let’s all improve our lives by coming in on time. Sure it’s hard if you think of the heavy traffic, but that just means we should leave our houses early. Respect other people’s time and be considerate enough not to waste theirs. The “Filipino time” habit should be taken off of our systems!

Ahhh procrastination. True enough, other individuals work better when they are under pressure. But that’s not the case for everyone, right? I totally get the feeling that there are just lazy days and you just don’t feel like being productive. But keep in mind that it’s better to finish it early and rest later rather than be in total panic mode as the deadline nears.

Procrastinating could diminish the quality of your work! Manage your time well and find that your lives smooth-sailing and your works would be something that you’d be really proud of. Time management and knowing your priorities are the keys!

Gossiping and judging

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Another bad habit that is very toxic and unhealthy not just for the people you’re talking about, but for you as well. It’s hard to let go of this habit when you really have a beef toward someone but let’s learn to be matured enough to avoid this. Don’t talk ill about a person behind their backs. If it’s not you who’s doing the talking but your peers, stand up and tell them not to. If you can’t, then just walk away from the conversation.

But the best advice that we could give you is to be mature enough and handle it properly. If it’s too much already, talk to the person directly. Confrontations can be scary and complicated but it’s really the right thing to do. Just don’t ambush them! Always be kind and handle the confrontation in a good manner.


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Alright, vices. This is really hard to let go of, right? Drinking and smoking have become part of our events and celebrations. If you can’t seem to get it out of your system, just make sure that it’s in moderation. Everything that’s too much is very bad for your health. So this 2019, try to cut down your cigarettes and alcoholic drinks. I know it’s hard, but at least try so as not to abuse your body.

Another vice is falling for the wrong person… oops! Most, if not all, have this bad habit of falling for the wrong person. True enough, we don’t usually know if they’re not the right person until we’ve already delved deep into the intimacy. But! If the red flags are already there right at the beginning, don’t ignore it. No one wants to end up with a broken heart, right? Choose wisely. Get to know the person very well first before letting your feelings take over.

Part Two: Letting Go

For the second part, I (Feather) talked about things that are hard to let go of but we definitely should in order for us to grow. Fair warning tho, these following topics are quite heavy.

Watch the second part of ‘Things You Need To Let Go From 2018’ right here:

Past relationships

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Let go of your past relationships, be it romantic or friendship. Don’t let this excess baggage haunt and drag you down this coming 2019.

There are times when we don’t understand why it had to end, that’s why we dwell too much on the thought and the desire to experience the moments again. Which leads to another point that maybe, you’re not really missing the person. Sometimes, you’re just yearning for the memories and the routine that you were used to.

Stop dwelling on the past and on the things that you no longer have control over. It’s already over, it’s in the past. There’s no point clinging to it anymore and ruining your present with the thought of it.

Self-love is what truly matters

Of course, letting go of these past relationships is important because you shouldn’t be chasing people who don’t want to be chased. Know your worth! The right person will stay in your life and you don’t have to beg them to.

One day, you will love the sound of your footsteps walking away from things that are no longer meant to be.

Take it from me, someone very important decided to walk away and I did everything I could to make them stay. Only to realize at the end that I shouldn’t have to.

For every end, there’s a lesson that comes along with it. No matter how painful or intense it was, and even if we don’t really understand what happened, it will someday. And after all of that, it will teach us some lessons that would help us mold into a better person.

And just what Ariana Grande‘s message was on her single ‘Thank U, Next‘, learn to love yourself cos that’s what really matters. And be grateful that the relationship happened even though it didn’t last.

Toxicity around you

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Learn to let go of all the toxicity and negativity around you. We all want to be a good friend, a good partner, and basically just a good person. That’s why most of the time, we do our best to lend an ear or a shoulder. But sometimes, the negativity could really seep into you.

When there are too much chaos and drama surrounding you, it can really affect your mood and can drag you down as well. Sometimes, the toxicity can be too intense that it can even have a lasting effect on you. Always keep in check your mental health and well-being.

It’s okay to cut off ties, just remember to be kind

There are instances that it’s no longer healthy and nothing good comes out from whatever the form of the relationship anymore. And trust me, it’s okay to cut off ties! If it’s no longer healthy for you and if it’s preventing your growth, learn to walk away and close the doors. It doesn’t mean you’re being a bad person, just caring for your well-being as well.

But before completely shutting off, try talking to them about it first. Maybe there’s still room for change. If it doesn’t work, then it’s okay to finally cut off ties. Just remember to always be kind! Tell them why you’re making that decision so as not to leave them hanging and in pain even more.

This coming 2019, surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. People who would push you to better yourself and support your growth as an individual.

Toxicity within you

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The hardest amongst the list and the most sensitive thing to talk about is letting go of the toxicity within you. I may not know the extent of what you’re going through or what you’ve been through. But I do understand that there are times when you can no longer get up and face the world anymore. Sometimes, you just lose your way.

But this 2019, I want you to do your best to let go of the hatred you have directed upon yourself. Get up, find your balance, do things that interest you. However, if you think that what you’re feeling goes deeper than the normal, then please do not be afraid to seek the help that you need.

Seek the help that you need

If you feel like the sadness that you’re feeling is no longer normal and won’t be going away, then maybe you need to seek professional help. Always remember though, that no matter how hurt you are, it’s not an excuse to hurt the people around you.

Hurt people do have the tendency to hurt other people especially those who are helping them. Trust me, I know. I had a phase wherein I would cause pain to people close to me just so they would have even a loose grasp on what I’m feeling. But guys, don’t. It’s not healthy. It’s not healthy for them and it’s in no way healthy for you.

If the world is too much, the chaos in your mind is stronger, and your emotions are getting the best of you… Seek help because you matter and your feelings are valid. It’ll be hard but remember baby steps. At your own phase.

That’s a lot of things to let go, right? But remember, these are just some bits of advice from us based on our own letting go phase. Remember that everything is at your own time and process! Don’t get insecure if others are doing it faster than you. Because you do you! Have a prosperous new year to you all!

Did our list of things you need to let go from 2018 help? What other advice can you give in order to help others? Do share your inputs in the comment section below! You can also have a little chat with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Happy New Year everyone!