No. It’s not a reference to an iconic scene from E.T. the Extraterrestrial.

‘Two Fingers Touching’ refers to an emoji characterized by two index fingers pointing toward each other. That was just it in the beginning, an emoji, and then it became a meme you’ll see popping up all over the digital world– in your chatbox, in someone’s tweet, in a vlog by your favorite YouTuber.

So, what is  👉👈?

TikTok is now responsible for a lot of trends when it comes to music, dance and memes. One of the loudest meme trends today involves two fingers pointing to one another. You may have come across a post of your friend that contains a flirty sentence accompanied by the two fingers emoji. You may have seen a graphic meme composed of a photo of a cute person overlapped by the two fingers emoji.

It’s a confusing meme for a lot of internet citizens. It’s one of those meme formats one has to find out about its context for them to understand. If you came here looking for answers, well, here’s what we got.

It’s a graphic representation of being shy and timid. At least, that’s what most people would tell you. Inspired by the human habit of twiddling your fingers together when feeling nervous, it’s meant to give the notion that the speaker is uncomfortable saying something.

When asking someone a risky question, you pair it with the emoji sequence. Say, you wanna ask someone out on a date but you’re feeling hesitant. You’ll type, “Hey, can we go out some time? 👉👈”

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This trend originated on Tiktok. On it, you’ll find tons of videos wherein a creator is performing the finger touch action or putting it on the video text. In most of these videos, the creator is in a certain scenario that makes them feel shy, like buying a condom. On the caption, you’ll often see hashtags like #imshy, #butimshy, #shykids, and other variations.

Check this video compilation of TikTok’s #imshy videos.


Basically, the two fingers touching meme means the same as the two fingers touching emoji, except the meme makes use of background music and other embellishments. Now that you’ve been enlightened, will you start using it in your future social media interactions?

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