Do you fancy yourself as someone getting into a romantic affair with a person who’s– say– ten years older than you?

In the wake of the dating rumors that sparked after PBB alumna Maris Racal posted a birthday message for Rico Blanco– a message too sugary for everyone not to assume that there’s something going on, there came a conversation that split people into two sides: are you willing to be with someone old enough to be your parent?

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While Maris Racal and Rico Blanco sent the majority of fans enviously screaming, “Sana all!”, there are also naysayers expressing their disapproval of the alleged romance between the two artists due to the so-called age gap. Maris Racal is 23 years old, while Rico is 49. You do the math.

People have different reasons to date someone. For some, looks alone could seal the deal. For others, they want something much deeper than what’s on the outside. They could be searching for someone with intelligence and wit. Some are looking for maturity and stability– two traits typically found in people who have been on earth far longer than us.

Monster RX93.1’s program The Morning Rush started a trend on Thursday with the hashtag #PerksOfDatingOlder. Basically, the challenge asks people to tweet what they think are the advantages of being with someone older. 

It’s not the age, it’s the experience,” said one of the entries. “Most of them are already through with games, they cut to the chase and they know what they want,” another Twitter user chimed in. Although someone pointed out that just because someone is older doesn’t mean they’re wiser, many of the answers revolve around the area of emotional and mental maturity being the deciding factor in why they would go for it.

TV and internet personality LoveMarie O. Escudero, more popularly recognized as Heart Evanghelista, is a living testimony of how age doesn’t matter in a relationship. She and Filipino senator Chiz Escudaro tied the knots in 2015, and they’re one of the famous couples with big age gaps. 15 years, to be exact.

Heart made her presence felt when she shared her own entry for the trending hashtag, tagging her husband and calling him her “biggest blessing.” Once again, those of us who have never had a taste of having a significant other went into a collective “SANA ALL” roar.

Here are some other #PerksOfDatingOlder, according to Twitter.

The bottomline is, both Racal and Blanco are at the right age. Regardless of how wide their age gap is, they’re old enough to make their own decisions. As of writing, neither of them has responded to the speculations, but whatever the truth is, let’s just wish them all the love and happiness that they deserve. And if you yourself are in a similar situation, don’t let the stigma get in the way of happiness.

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