If you are planning to try playing in Breakout Philippines, first there are some things that you need to know.

As a kid, I loved playing games that required a little bit of role-play: bahay-bahayan (playing house), teks. I also loved solving puzzles, especially challenging ones. I always longed for the satisfaction that you would get after solving one so until now, I am always craving for more.

For that reason, I was super frustrated last week when me and my team failed to escape from the assigned room for Breakout. There were a lot of mistakes that we did and of course, I wouldn’t want you guys to repeat our mistakes.

So, without giving off too many spoilers, here are some things that you need to know before you try playing in Breakout Philippines.

Never mind the creeps

When me and my colleagues tried Breakout, the rooms we got were Quarantine, Zombie Cabin, and Dead End. Looking at the titles themselves, we could assume that a few creepy things would be there to lurk. Some rooms may have the occasional zombie, others may have a creepy location overall, and some may just give off that horror feeling.

However, an exception to this was the Dead End room which is the hardest out of all the Breakout branches. According to our friends who have tried it, the room was void of creepiness and was just really difficult.

Our tip for this is to not think at all about how creepy everything is. Yes, you will be forced to role-play in life-threatening situations, but do not think of it too much.

What I actually did was become too paranoid about the occasional zombie knocking on our door, so I got really distracted at times. Do not imitate, people!

Focus on the clues

Ladies and gentlemen, you must FOCUS ON THE CLUES! There may be a lot of things or props in certain rooms, but if you already got your specific clues, focus on them!

Think what the clues are telling you and then start from there. However as a tip, don’t think of some clues too much. Others may require you to solve a riddle or puzzle, but some clues are pretty self-explanatory and would just give you the obvious instructions.

Just focus on these and we’re sure that you would be able to make it out in time!


This word may sound corny but it is legit needed for breaking out of your room. After all, more brains are better than one. The rooms are harder when you and your team are clashing, so work together to solve the common enemy: the door that you should break out of!

Apply all the tips that we gave you individually, then cooperate with each other to gave more thought to the clues. For sure, you would be able to Breakout! *wink*

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