‘End of an Era’—this is what the VERY LAST B-side event will be called. Why? Because at the end of the month, B-side at The Collective in Makati will just be one of the bars in Manila that we had to say goodbye to.

You read it right. Unfortunately, B-side will be closing by the end of September 2018, making it one of the many bars in Manila that have closed down in the last 5 years. And news going around is that a new condominium will be build where it currently stands.

“(B-SIDE is closing down) mainly because the neighborhood has become more residential, and so we need to respect change and the residents around us. Also we believe that in order to create something new we need to let go of what we have now.”

– Anna Sobrepena Ong, owner (Read more here.)

We’re sure that everyone who’s had some good memories at B-side are mourning this news. We definitely are. And it’s even got us reminiscing about other bars we used to hangout in for some good OPM music.

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we round up some of the most iconic bars in Manila that we had to say goodbye to.

1. B-Side The Collective, Makati

RIP September 2018

The last time we were at B-side was for the #UDDxReese event. And we even caught Armi of Up Dharma Down bidding farewell to the events place saying “‘Bye, B-side!”. On the same event, we also caught Shanne Dandan performing her very first single ‘Nag-iisa‘ for the very first time!

B-side is definitely a place where artists and listeners create and share memorable moments, and we’ll surely miss them.

But don’t fret ’cause as of writing, we still have a few days to celebrate B-side AT B-side. So make sure you catch a gig before we finally have to say goodbye tho this iconic events place. You can check out the most comprehensive list of gigs for the second of half of September 2018 here!

2. Kahuna, Makati

RIP March 2018

The saddest thing about Kahuna is that we can’t even view their Facebook page anymore. *teary-eyed emoji* But we’re sure you still remember the gigs you caught at this venue. And we’d love it if you send us some of your favorite photos in this bar through our Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh too!

3. Freedom Bar, Anonas QC

RIP February 2018

We will forever miss these words at Freedom Bar! Who else is going to remind us we’re lovely?

4. Zili, Cainta Rizal

RIP December 2017

If you’re from the East you must’ve gone to Zili from some of the hottest gigs. Unfortunately, it was closing time for them for the very last time last February.

The last gig held here was at the end of 2017 though. So we guess we can’t even blame the inflation rate that caused the higher prices for chili peppers for them closing down. Or can we?

5. BKB (Black Kings Bar), West Ave. QC

RIP March 2017

This is the legendary last post of Black Kings Bar. And we’re reminded of all the sick gigs we attended every time we look back at it.

6. Sazi’s Bar, España QC

RIP 2013

Right in front of UST, this was where some of the hottest student bands perform along the most popular OPM acts.

7. 7th High, BGC Taguig

RIP 2013

7th High was more known as a club where people party, but we also loved it ’cause we saw some of our favorite bands for Bazooka Rocks there too!

8. Drew’s, Katipunan QC

RIP 2017

Drew’s is another bar where people go to party. And we included it here because much like B-side, the building where Drew’s used to be is going to be turned into a condominum.

These are only some of the bars in Manila that we’ve had to say goodbye to. If you want to add more of your favorite establishments that have closed down to our list, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter @UDoUPh. We’d love to hear from you!