Our quick yet relieving break for the Holy Week is upon us! And if you’re planning to get away with your family, then check out these top islands in Cebu that you should visit!

The Lenten Season is a few weeks away. And that only means that we get to have a short break from everything. From work, from school, and from all the stress in our daily lives. It’s time to take to reflect on our spiritual life with our family and loved ones. But aside from that, we can’t forget to add to our itinerary the quick getaway outside the city. So if you’re looking for that amazing and destressing tropical getaway outside the bustling city life, then Cebu should be your go-to.

Unlike other beach or island getaways in the country, Cebu is an untouched gem. Compared to the likes of Boracay, Peurto Princesa, Coron, Batangas, and Zambales—Cebu’s beauty is the bomb. Aside from being gifted with natural charm, the local government surely maintains the overall cleanliness of the Cebu’s beach attractions. And of course, Cebu offers more than beaches on its islands. There are a lot of activities you can do with your family, like diving, bathing in waterfalls and the likes. You might say that Cebu has the best islands you can visit in the whole country itself. So here are the top 5 islands in Cebu that you should visit!

Bantayan Island

Located at the northernmost part of mainland Cebu, Bantayan Island is an immaculate tropical den for your tropical escapade. If you want peace and quiet away from most of the crowd, then you’re in luck. Before it got famous among other travelers, we all know it by the name Camp Sawi from the titular movie itself. It boasts its crystal clear ocean water and white shoreline sands. Something that remains a favorite among everyone.

No wonder it became a go-to by the heartbroken or those who are out for self-discovery. It’s laid-back, peaceful, and serene. Bantayan Island is quite secluded away from all the hustle and bustle of mainland Cebu. Tucked away from wild nightlife, it’s the best alternative from Boracay’s sheer buzzing energy. So it’s perfect for that quiet relaxation you are looking for. A perfect therapeutic experience, indeed. But if you want to party as well, you’d definitely find some spots to enjoy the beach nightlife!

Camotes Islands

If you’re looking for that perfect ocean-view, then Camotes Island it is. Camotes Islands is a group of islands composed of four towns. It’s located at the east of mainland Cebu, in between Cebu and Leyte itself. Purely an untouched gem, Camotes Islands offers the best natural beauty beyond the oceanic wonders and view.  Aside from the overlooking horizon of the ocean, you get to find underwater treasures from the past. There are also amazing caves and lakes to visit around the islands.

Camotes Islands dares you to go beyond the usual Cebu. Pure nature and rural atmosphere. Even the people and the culture exudes with warm welcome and peace you’ll definitely want to savor.


Looking for the best snorkeling site? Then you should check out Moalboal. It might be a tiny island but Moalboal boasts about a lot of things you can do there. Swimming and dipping into its clear ocean waters and bathing under the sun are just a few activities to do! Though it doesn’t have powdery white sand, the true beauty of Moalboal lies under the ocean waters.

Since it’s located along the western side of mainland Cebu, the reefs in Moalboal are wonders. Aside from snorkeling, you can also go scuba diving and free diving there. You’ll get to see the wide variety of marine life residing along Moalboal’s waters. You can rent out snorkeling and diving gear and of course, get to see different underwater species you’ve never seen.

Sumilon Island

Enchanting and alluring, Sumilon Island is the best sandbank to bask under the sun. The beaches on the island are quite popular to a lot of tourists. Because of the crystal clear waters, you can really see a perfect view of what’s under the sea there. In addition to that, the water’s color changes into different varying hues of aquamarine, partnered with white powdery sand. There are also sandbars present where you can take a quick walk while basking with the sea breeze in your hair.

But if you’re looking for more thrill instead of just swimming, then prepare yourself to whale shark-watch. The waters of Sumilon Island is the home of some whale sharks so if you’re lucky enough, you can see them up close and swim among them too!

Malapascua Island

Another top diving destination, Malapascua Island offers multi-colored corals and captivating marine life you’ll surely enjoy. Located in the northern tip of mainland Cebu, Malapascua’s waters hold wonders under the sea. A rich marine sanctuary, thresher sharks can be seen regularly as well before the sunrise.

But that’s not the only thing you can do in Malapascua. You can also go island hopping with your family, enjoying the clear ocean waters and seeing marine life every now and then. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you go island diving and cliff jumping for that extra kick of adrenaline in your system. And despite being isolated from mainland Cebu’s hustle and bustle, there’s also a bit of laidback nightlife you can certainly enjoy.

So there you have it! Cebu might not get quite a lot of recognition but it has a lot to offer for all. Maybe you’ll get inspired and consider going to Cebu for a change of scenery. So if you love the beach, the province atmosphere, and marine life—then best spend some time in Cebu. It’s a fantastic tropical getaway you’ll surely love.

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