Great food can come from anywhere, including convenience stores. So here’s a list of all the hidden gems any foodie would love to find at your local convenience store.

Great food doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to find. Since convenience stores are basically everywhere, they are a godsend to the hustling commuter or the ever frugal college student. But just because they’re convenient and cheap don’t discount them in flavor just yet.

Mini Stop

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Forget Mini Stop’s fried chicken for a moment as we give you their Bicol Express Toppers. If express Filipino comfort food sounds great to you, then you should definitely give this a try! Then for dessert, skip the giant sundae cone and maybe opt for something more decadent. Mini Stop’s Caramel Kariman is a warm and gooey treat for all sweet tooths out there and definitely earns the hidden gem status.

Family Mart

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Family Mart is one of the more refreshing options in the convenience store scene today. They offer up a lot of variation from drinks to desserts. Among the many choices of donuts and cake slices that they have, their Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie is often overlooked. But give this classic treat a chance and you won’t be disappointed. Pro tip: ask them to heat it up and voilà! Almost fresh out of the oven delicious-ness. And what pairs best with cookies but milk? If you’re into Korean snacks you’d know that Banana Milk is a popular and coveted snack drink that’s not exactly easy to find. But Family Mart has got you covered, now we’re not exactly sure if all branches have it available but check anyway and you might be able to cop this hidden gem.


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Overpriced coffee is an accepted fact in society today, but the price doesn’t always equal quality. Lawson’s Iced Matcha Latte is a far cry from what your fave coffee shop charges for but is definitely worth a try! If you’re looking for a delicious, cheap, and quick pick-me-up Lawson’s Iced Match Latte is the way to go. Another thing we just accept and put up with are long lines for popular milk tea places. If you want good milk tea without the stress, Lawson’s Thai Milk Tea is for you. No need to line up or order off food delivery apps with additional charges, life can be sweet and simple just like this hidden gem.


Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Compared to its competitors 7-Eleven is considerably old, but their line of toasted sandwiches are surprisingly fresh. Especially their Sausage Cheesemelt, with its buttered toasted bread and an even ratio of sausages and cheese. All you need is a side of chips and a refreshing drink and that’ll make it a complete meal.

Convenience store food tends to get a bad rap because of the price because we have a mindset that says, “how good could it possibly be if it’s so cheap?” And that makes sense, but as people say, don’t knock it ’til you try it!

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