Can’t get enough of the Riverdale feels? You can get a Pop’s-like dining experience at these ’50s themed, aesthetic diners!

You know what it is! Time to meet up with your friends and chill in one of these 1950s- themed diners which are just around Luzon for your very own Riverdale episode. Aside from helping you get those Instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing photos because of their old style but still classy interior designs, these places also serve good food right off the grill! What more, you won’t have to travel far and wide to be able to get to these places. If you’re from Luzon or the greater Manila area, we’re sure you can find one that’s near you.

Filling Station Bar and Cafe Restaurant

Picturesque, isn’t it? Located in Paranaque, Filling Station Bar and Cafe Restaurant prides in its intricately designed area and great food. You should definitely try the steak if you ever get to visit! They are very open with picture taking, too. As you can see, there are several fixtures in the cafe that is intended for that. You can even strike a pose with the famous Elvis!

This steak is making our mouths water just looking at it. Doesn’t it make you just want to go and eat there? You can see more on their Facebook page!

1954 Diners

This diner ringed true to its name by executing the most classic ’50s American burger stop. Red seems to be a prominent colour amongst these stores. From neon lights to leatherette booths, there’s nothing more you can ask for to transport you back in time.

And, of course, what better food to bring with that than the classic milkshakes, burgers, and fries? You can bet on it that their milkshake really does bring the boys to the yard… and girls, too!

Yum! We want some of those! If you’re wondering how you can get these delectable treats, the store’s a bit down south. It’s located in Los Banos, Laguna, but for these and some awesome photos for the gram, you’d see it’s worth the travel! See more of these on their Facebook page!

Fifties Cafe

Fifties Cafe doesn’t only bring you to the 1950s. They are a straight-up representation of Riverdale’s Pop’s Choklit Shoppe. In fact, they host Riverdale viewing parties for their guests. If you haven’t renewed your Netflix account yet, now is your chance! Just kidding!

Unlike Pop’s, though, this diner does not only serve your usual cheeseburgers on the foil. They pride themselves on pizza, chicken wings, and other things, too! There are so many dishes to choose from!

If you’re ever to visit Fifties Cafe, do the liberty of dressing up for it! Check this girl in her River Vixen uniform! You can dress up as Archie or Jughead, too. No judgements (lol!)

KM 31 Diner

KM 31 Diner brags its neon lights and bright colored displays. Perfect place for a photo shoot! Located in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, KM 31 Diner serves us the classic burgers and milkshakes, too! In a video they shared on Facebook, they shared that they will be serving new plates on the menu after the first month of the year!

The video showed us towering burgers that look extremely yummy! And, of course! Who doesn’t like their burgers with a side of fries?

Big Boy’s Diner

Big Boy’s is a classic spin to the traditional American Diner. Which is great, because it makes the dining experience more inclusive. It is a place where you can go fine dining but also get a very casual meal of burgers and fries if you feel like it. The target market is also not just the youth who are more into Riverdale, but also classy moms and pops who are in it for a good meal.

Located in Quezon City, Philippines, Big Boy’s prides themselves on their wide range of culinary choices.

Depending on your taste, all these diners can be a big it for you and your friends! Every place has something special about it, so if you got the time and energy, go try as many stores as you can! Who knows? You might find your very own Pop’s along the way.

Which of these aesthetic diners appeal to you the most? Do you also think that a diner’s ambiance contributes to the whole dining experience?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.