The current local music scene of today became more and more diverse. With the influx of indie-bands popping-out, electronic producers experimenting with different sounds and of course, local hip-hop with it’s new emerging movement that embrace a specific type of sound—Trap Soul.

Headlining the movement are artists like Al James along with his label Baryo Berde and the notable Kris Delano and other handful of artists—after listening to their music,  an affinity for the movement was created, so here I am. Half-sober, half-awake, trying to explain and analyze the soulful and chilled beats of Local Trap Soul.

What is Trap Soul?

Bryson Tiller’s debut album entitled ” T R A P S O U L ” officially coined the term,

and as other notable artists followed through like Ty Dolla $ign jumping in along with trap beats that is harmonized with his rough, yet, soulful voice. And who knew? , Trap Soul has been born.

Trap Soul is truly an ultra-modern genre, reminiscent of the “Neo-Soul” movement from the 90’s to the early 2000’s with artist’s like Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu, who borrowed elements from both genres and created a fusion that generated a fresh sound. Trap Soul is no stranger to this.

Combining “Trap”, a genre filled with a harsh attitude that you can feel in the sound of the brass, triangle, triplet hi hats, loud kicks, snappy snares and low end 808 bass samples that are used when composing tracks fusing it with soulful melodies from the artist with their vibe-y and dreamy lyrics really sets the mood.

Trap Soul: A Local Movement

Our local scene was quick to pick up as to what the west does in terms of music, a handful of local electronic producers like Serro along with CLXV, quickly chimed in and tried to emulate the sound.

It was when Al James “Pahinga” was released that the movement truly gained traction.

Artists like Kris Delano was quick to follow through the movement, with his releases like his hit “Alak, Usok, Pera”

And just like that, the playing field was set.

An influx of artists quickly jumped in the movement, labels like:

“Maduming Kwarto”

“Row 4”

and other notable artist worth mentioning like “Because”

and later on a mainstream talent Shanti Dope joined in with his hit song “Nadarang”,which  musically-speaking can be considered Trap Soul with its triplet hi-hats and 80’s vibe-y and catchy hook encapsulates it as part of the genre.

So, what’s next?

With artists still joining the movement daily, releasing their tracks— with it’s chilled lo-fi trap beats, with soulful and catchy lyrics that often talks about sex, drugs, money and ultimately, love. Whilst, gaining followers day by day; I don’t think the movement is going away anytime soon.

Some say it’s a fad, but fuck them. I say it’s is a legit movement we should all try to listen to. After all, expanding your musical taste is good for you. So, don’t be a close-minded baby, M’kay?

Other Notable Trap Soul Artist You Should Listen To:




There you, go. A Half-Awake, Half-Sober Analysis for you motherfucker, you should be grateful.