There are literally thousands of applications available on the Google Play or App Store. However, only a select few can actually be worth keeping on your smartphone.

Most smartphones today only have limited spaces for apps, music and videos. It is important to choose your apps wisely.

Camera and Photo Apps

Instagram – If you love selfies or taking photos of anything and everything, you should probably download and install Instagram. It has loads of filters and adjustments for your image. They recently introduced support for photos with higher resolutions which means you can also upload your high-res pics from your DSLR.

VSCO – Most of my *~artsy~* friends use VSCO for their mobile photography. I use it from time to time as well simply because of its minimalistic user interface. You can also showcase your work in a VSCO profile and see others as well. Publish those sick flatlays with the #VSCO hashtag.

Camera 360 – For those who are into overly-modified selfies, Camera 360 has a plethora of effects and filters. This is more for the vain millennials and titas of Manila.

Snapchat – If you’ve seen selfies with the Coachella effect or the dog faces, Snapchat is to blame and you can join in on the fun too by downloading it on the App Store or the Google Play Store for Android users. It also popularized sending photos with timers that delete it after a few seconds or so of being seen. Hint hint.

Social Media Apps

Facebook – Who doesn’t have Facebook these days? Even all of my Titas have Facebook. It has become a staple for everyone who is Internet literate.

Twitter – Tweeting is still very much in. You can follow celebrities and personalities around the world to see what they have to say, every day. One-liner jokes are also welcome here because of the character limit.

AfterParty – Going to events alone can be quite lonely. The AfterParty  app allows you to match and connect with other event goers so you’ll never be alone again. It is now available on the Google Play Store or the App Store for iOS users.

Messenger – The inclusion of the new Stories feature in Facebook’s Messenger has caused an uproar for some users. You can now play games and set reminders inside a conversation which is a nifty tool for setting an alarm for your friends.

Telegram – I first saw Telegram on “Mr. Robot” and was quickly impressed with the secret chat feature. Others are amazed and entertained by the stickers.

Utility Apps

Gmail – For the young professional, having 24/7 access to an email account is crucial. You’ll never know if there is an announcement or important document to review if you don’t really check your email.

Google Keep – Any note taking app can suffice but Google Keep’s integration with Gmail is a big help for transferring the information. QuickMemo is also a great alternative.

VLC Media Player – VLC’s mobile app can also play almost any media content. You can play your mixtapes, videos and other stuff.

Browse Other Apps on the Google Play and App Store

If you still have other apps that you think should be on this list, just shoot us a comment below. You can always see what’s on the app stores as they both have categories for better organization.

What’s your favorite app to use everyday?

Photo is from Phandroid.