From the youth-purveyor of culture-and a tita’s love for the trending, this is Tita Trending taking you to the heights of your enlightened tita-ness and the lows of prices in virtually everything.

Feeling like you’ve lost your youthful glow ever since reaching tita-hood? Looking to downgrade your very pricey skin care products because of the recession-sized dent it’s creating on your savings? Look no further than Tita Trending’s cheapest skin care guide for Filipinas. Without sacrificing the feeling of luxury, it introduces the modern Filipina to skincare products she should not be missing out on to achieve the best version of your own skin!

Of course, as with all of my product recommendations, personal and in article form, I keep a very strict ceiling price. For skincare, I promised myself I wouldn’t spend a cent over 500 pesos a month. Putting a premium on your ceiling price especially in such high-volume markets like skincare products limits your choices so you’re not plagued by uncertainty and ultimately makes you a more efficient spender all-around.


Also, since I am an avid fan of the Korean skin-care routine, this will be our guide for recommendations making this article accidentally dual purpose. Alas, Tita Trending has once again provided you with everything you may need and more. 

A Filipina tita‘s cheap 10-step skincare routine goes a little something like this:

1. Oil Cleanse with: Banila Co’s Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm - cheap effective oil cleansers philippinesThis balm honestly feels like lard but smells like lilacs and lavenders. It easily removes make-up because it’s quite oily so if you’ve got oily skin as I do, I definitely recommend you only use this every time you cake on base make-up. Now, this retails at Php 995 for the Original(100 ml) and Php 1395 for the Super Size(180 ml).

That being said, Tita’s Tip: I only buy the 7 ml sample sizes that come at around Php 55 – Php 99 each but beware and read up on store reviews first before you strike that deal!

2. Foam Cleanse with: Senka’s Perfect Whip Cream

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam - cheap effective foam cleansers philippines

Not only is this tight package, cheap as a whole, retailing at just Php 279 but a little goes a very long way as well. By long, I mean I use this every night and it lasts me around 7 to 8 months! 

Tita’s Tip: Use the recommended amount which is a little over pea sized and lather it to a dense foam because that’s when Japanese technology can work its magic. Using more than that, can actually render the whip tech useless!

3. Exfoliate once a week with: Skin Food’s Black Sugar Wash Off Scrub

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Exfoliating Scrub - cheap effective exfoliating scrubs philippines

Let me tell you, this is the first scrub I have ever used which has not left my skin tight and dry. It felt absolutely luxurious! And it’s not too fragrant as well, just leaving your supple skin with a tinge of a fresh flowery scent.

Tita’s Tip: I know that 100 g might not seem a lot at first but one package, when done once a week, can keep your skin aglow for up to 7 months! Also, you don’t have to cover our face in the sugar. The syrup is what you go for

4. Tone with: Human Nature’s Acne Defense Toner

Human Nature Acne Defense Toner - cheap effective toners philippines

Let’s go local! I’m actually an avid fan of Human Nature (especially their sunflower oil which is basically what keeps my bleached hair alive) and this toner actually surprised me! I wasn’t a big fan of their Acne Defense Tea Tree Facial Wash, but the toner is actually super effective in keeping breakouts at bay. It’s not as drying as other toners, nor does it leave a layer of icky residue. Retailing for Php 115, super steal!

Tita Tip: This product needs a cotton pad for application because it ensures equal distribution on your skin. Yes, a cotton pad saves you a lot of product than a cotton ball, so do make the switch!

5. Essence(?) with: Human Nature or The Face Shop’s Aloe Vera Gel

I know I said essence and Aloe Vera Gel is clearly not an essence but a water-based moisturizer. Although I did say this list was tailored for hampaslupa Filipinas and unless you’re a haciendera who resides in a round-the-clock air-conditioned home, essences are not advised. Essences, which aim to regenerate your skin cells by deeply moisturizing your pores, are not for the humidity-fraught modern Filipina Manileña.

Instead, water-based moisturizers are the way to go. A dollop of Nature Republic or The Face Shop’s Aloe Vera Gel gets you glowing, supple skin, absolutely sans the oiliness. An absolutely affordable little tub or a tube retails at around Php 210 – Php 295 and can last you up to 9 months!

Tita Tip: Having this handy in a smaller container will come in handy anytime but especially at the beach when the hadhad burns the skin between our naturally thick thighs, or burns on your Korean oppa’s white skin. (Landi skills? I just gave this article a triple purpose)

6. Let’s skip the serum because it’s horrifically expensive and bound to cost us headaches and buyer’s remorse. Unless you’re an extra haciendera, skip. That’s tita’s tip.

7. Sheet mask with: Innisfree’s My Real Squeeze Rice Mask

Innisfree My Real Squeeze Rice Mask - cheap effective face masks philippines

Innisfree is well known for their natural ingredients and this product is a testament to that. It has almost little to no fragrance and I’ve yet to hear a single complaint about this product especially from my painfully sensitive amigas. Another reason why I skip the essence? Because I’d rather save my moisture tabs for face masks!

Tita Tip: It does leave your skin creamy for a few minutes after, but switch that fan to 3 for about a minute and let the breeze glide through to seal in that moisture!

8. Eye cream with: Nothing. Because honestly, none of them really work, hon.

cucumbers reduce eye bags puffy eyes - effective cheap eye creams philippines

If you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can place some freshly cut cucumber with a tad bit of lemon juice if you dare.

Tita Tip: Sleep enough hours a night! Oh my god, I cannot stress enough how important sleeping right is to achieving your elevated Tita skin! No skincare will work for you better than hitting the sack, girl.

9. Sleeping mask with: once again, nothing!

Oatmeal honey overnight sleeping mask - cheap effective overnight sleeping mask philippines

One, because they’re just way too expensive for their actual benefit so darling, you’re better off mashing a bit of honey and oats for 5 minutes together and putting it on your face for the night. Your skin will be absolutely reborn in divinity in the morning.

Pro tip: If you know your house has a lot of ants or other pests that you might attract with this concoction… maybe don’t do it? Again, speaking from experience.

10. Last but not the least, SPF with: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+

 Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF - cheap light wearing face sunscreens philippines

I don’t know much about SPFs PAs and all that UVA UVB business but I do believe the numerous studies that tell us the best way to ensure our futures is to wear sunscreen everyday. I’ve tried a lot of face sunscreens (within the budget of course) and Biore’s Watery SPF 50+ by far provides the most coverage with the least amount of greasiness. Even when I’m in the heat, my pores don’t leak sweat like crazy! That in itself makes this product a winner in my book. 

For a hefty price of Php 488 for a small bottle that might only last you 3 months, you might want to consider my tita tip. This might be more fit for those who prefer not to wear makeup.

Tita Tip: If you wear makeup daily, I’d say it’s more cost effective to just switch up your base with an SPF version if you haven’t!

I may not be tito Boy but the bottomline is, your skin is your responsibility. Learn more about what works for your own skin type. Better if you get tested by a dermatologist to ensure you’re hitting the right spots!

These are the products that have worked for me as a non-professional who is an active caregiver of my own skin, taking time to research every little detail. Because, yes, being a smart consumer means making wise, informed decisions on all of your consumptions.

That being said, aside from the well-informed consumption of products, this tita wants to impart well-informed consumption of media.

I know the world through the internet may seem filled with glass skin people who’ve never seen the eye of a zit before but as a graphic designer whose previous job was to make sure models everywhere seem that way, let me tell you how very untrue that is.

Blemishes, abrasions, skin diseases, and everything in between, everyone can be shala-looking if they treat themselves with luxury. That doesn’t just solely mean treating yourself to whatever skin care product an article says you should buy. It starts from your mindset–how you carry yourself and nourish your soul.

Wanting to morph into the ideal isn’t inherently a bad thing, I mean, to each his own, right? Checking yourself is the way to go. I do this routine as a way to make myself feel special and well-taken care of. However if you find crippling pressure to look like every other influencer out there, it might be time to reassess how you treat yourself.

This is your shala tita, telling you to own you and take responsibility for yourself. Oh diba u do u!

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