Tita Trending’s Guide to #aesthetic Glasswares

From the youth-purveyor of culture-and a tita’s love for the trending, this is Tita Trending taking you to the heights of your enlightened tita-ness and the lows of prices in virtually everything.

If you’re a millennial tita such as me, you’ll have scrolled past a few of these cute ass glasswares by local stores that makes you want to pretend you actually need it and completely ignore the shelves of glasses your family already owns. Surely, we won’t fall prey to our uncontrollable retail therapy?

Unlike those who have uncontrollable urges, I for one, simply look for a semi-acceptable to acceptable reasons to shop.

Gladly enough, I had a newfound love for packet drip-coffee which I convinced myself was only fit for no less than a new cute ass Instagram cup.

That’s how I ended up falling victim to a few of these charming pieces. I spent a few hours a night snooping around from feed to feed until the sun had already risen.

It was a cycle that I determined wasn’t for naught so I pitched the idea of an online column to my editor, prophesying that I was a savior of the Manillennial titas (like me) who needs some guidance to achieve their enlightened-tita state (also like me) because the opposite would have been murderous to one’s wallet and a sorry victim to buyer’s remorse.

So here I am, claiming that I’ve saved you some time of going around in circles in Instagram’s cryptic algorithm. Here’s the scoop at some of the best Instagram stores, with the highest bang for the lowest buck figures, in the market for the glasswares we all need in a way.

For the “Trinket Tita”

Sunday Home 

Here’s where you might have imagined the mad hatter’s tea set came from. Their lovely curated pieces range anywhere from bowls to baking mold to platters. While you’re there, better peep their statement blob mirrors too!

For the “Boho Tita”

Miru Maru or Ureshii

I suffered a heavy bout of indecisiveness for this category because artisanal glassware are forever close to my kiln-shaped heart. Either two of these lovely shops have one of a kind pieces that are the real steal no matter the price! Some are antiques too.

For the “Art Deco Tita”

Poppy Home

If you want your home to seem like a Wes Anderson set, invest in Poppy Home pieces, I swear. Not only are their pieces worth every penny, but their Instagram feed is also a decor inspiration in itself. Personally, their loop-tube vases are the real eye candy on their feed.

For the “Classy Tita”

Metier Home

This shop is home to some of the most clean-cut, neat-trim collections of glassware and tableware ever. The classy tita who aims to evoke a sense of sophistication in every item they own is very welcome here. One of my favorite rugs, I found in their shop too!

For the “Kahit Ano Tita”

Vanila Breeze 

This final category is for those titas who haven’t quite gotten down to the final detail of their preference in glassware. Vanilla Breeze’s extensive collection is a tita’s heaven! They have everything from matte-finish to a high-gloss finish, Disney-themed to fruit-themed. This store is your best bet at finding the right glassware for your personal collection.

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Honestly, there are so many more tita categories because it isn’t a one-size-fits-all world out there. So if there’s anything you wanna see that I may have missed, feel free to drop it on the comments section! If you’re gonna ask about plants, fret not, it’s already in the works, sis.

What katitahan topic would you like to ask Tita Trending about?

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