Having a first date is a surreal experience. To begin with, it will always remain your first date. So, there’s every reason for you to want to make it perfect, memorable and something that you can look back at as a warm memory.  Of course, a lot goes into making anything perfect – including a first date.

Here are Tips for an Awesome First Date

  • Start Saving For It

If you have a date at the weekend or something, make financial plans for it. It’s not about spending money or showing off. It’s just that you need to spend money to  do anything of interest today. Whether it’s a cool dinner at a fancy restaurant or a quick movie and popcorn – it takes money. So, make sure that you have something in mind when it comes to the finances of the date.

  • Make Plans

Yes, everyone loves a date where you swing it. But if its a first date, there’s a lot of aspects that can go wrong. So, make sure that you plan how your day goes. If you are planning on an outing to a restaurant, check whether you can book a table. Planning for a movie, book the tickets in advance. If you are planning for a movie and dinner, make sure that the distance between the theater and the restaurant isn’t too much. Pro-tip, never go to the fast food outlets for your first date. Everyone is in a hurry there, and fried chicken out of a bucket isn’t the best conversation prop.

Find Out Where Your Date Wants to Go

Yes, surprises are great – but they aren’t the best idea when you are on the first date. There’s several aspects that can go wrong if you plan a date on the go. Your date might not be into the cuisine that the restaurant offers, or they might not like the activities in the place that you want to. Your date might not like the movie that you have picked, so on and so forth. So, you should maybe talk a bit about it and find out where your date is comfortable going, and then plan for the first date.

The Most Important Tip While Dating:

  • Be Yourself

One of the thumbrules of interactions and relationships is being yourself. If you plan to put across a personality, there are chances that the person you are trying to impress will be put off. Remember, you are the best version of yourself when you are your own self.

These are the top tips for you that will help you have a great first date.  Do you think we are correct? Do you think we missed out on something? Tell us in the comments section. And if you really liked this content, make sure you bookmark us on www.udou.ph.